Diablo® III

Rate the DH above you!!

@ginz get anderiel and witching hour gloves with ias crit and crit dmg high dex
Some good lacuni's with high dex crit and maybe some all res unless can life without.
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Rating again, since I was skipped.
Seems that you are starting fresh again?
let me know if i'm wrong

Rating again, since I was skipped.
Seems that you are starting fresh again?
let me know if i'm wrong

lol troll much your posting this is't a rate my sc2 profile thread
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sorry, Arokantos.. i do not know how to change it.
Didn't mean to steal the thread. Here i am with the proper profile.

Jukebox - Nice setup. 9/10 not much you can upgrade without spending way too much.
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@MrLucid Nice balance between EHP and dps. great Demon hunter overall, wish I could steal your belt lol 9/10
thanks. your DH is pretty awesome too.
@burning 8/10 When PvP comes out, you will not have enough HP to take on Rend, Storm Armor and Haunt, especially when everyone is packing a Skorn with ridiculously high DoT.

@lucid oh my god. 9.5/10
@rageguy: Looks like you gearing up for pvp? I think you'll need more firepower to kill those tanks. 6/10 from me for this build.
Nash, Dude! that is the sickest DH I have ever seen I think.. 10/10 easy
@ Xanidu

That's a very nice setup you have there; I like how you have a great amount of ehp and your dps is still good.

Solid 1H xbow setup. Nice damage and great for exp farming. You might want to consider more EHP for PVP and higher MP but you have a good starting foundation.


Very Nice Demon Hunter. I Suppose The Upgrades You Could Possibly Focus On Would Be

1) Sacrifice Dexterity For A Witching Hour
2) Get A 200+/200+ Dexterity/Vitality DML
@ Just1c3 7/10
9.5 of 10. As near a perfect set as i will likely see anytime soon.


LOH items can be swap for more CD. Use Gloom instead.
There are better Bow and Rare rings out there.
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Hi everyone. I haven't logged onto D3 in about 3-4 months, and I am curious to know if my Demon Hunter is still decent.

I used to run a hybrid DPS Tank in higher MP levels (using Spike Traps and Sentries).

The skills I currently show are a result of the last game I played (in which I blasted ran through MP 1 with a friend of mine).

Thanks :o)
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@Tropicalypso looks reasonably balanced. DPS you are just a little ahead of me so upgrades are probably going to start getting pretty expensive.

Certainly opportunities to upgrade. If you have the cash, a WH or Inna for your belt can give you upgrade options. If you don't mind giving up the CC for more eHP, Mempho for your helm. A 2 socket Manti could boost your CD as well.
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