Diablo® III

Rate the DH above you!!

thanks for the skip guys. lolol.

are u serious lol...ur a freakin beast...u should be giving us all tips with that 300k dps....congratz on a awesome build
@shugfire very nice dh with alot of mf and dps!
do u find the discipline generation is needed with your build?

and wow... nice gloves!
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7/10, smexy wf.
@hmk21 i usually run with tact adv but at higher mp i jsut do steady aim so it is very nice to have alot of regen and nice wf build very sick dh

You have a nice DH. Need to work on more hit points for survivability. Your dps needs quite a push as well. Need to work on getting a deadman's legacy and a 2 socket manticore (both expensive but worth it). If those are outside of your price range, get a calamity and a Danetta's Spite. I think that combination may be a bit cheaper...

Best to luck to you in the realm of sanctuary!

Your there, you just need to get a better manticore with weapon dmg. Oh and also try to stack more all resist and armor. Those are a bit too low. Other areas are good. 7.5/10

Nice legacy nats. Work on getting boots with higher dex. Also upgrade that DML to one with a skill that you use, the damage boost you gain from the DML skill bonus is huge!

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Really nice DH considering you're going g with 4pc nats legacy. Whenever you're ready to move on I'd go with a 2pc nats, boots and ring. You can do the 3 pc if you want but personally I like inna's chest better than nats. Anyways, looks good. I'd tap dat !@#. 7/10


Best dh NA. Nuff said

Edit: noticed I'm wearing my paragon lvling helm. My damage helm is a 230 dex 50 vit Andy's.
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you make me feel so small ;) good job though. i strive to be awesome.
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@ Lexias: Great DH. I do think you may benefit getting the three piece nat's for more dex. Otherwise a good DH. I can see you haven't really been playing your DH all that long, so great gear given that time period. 6/10 :p
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@Thefarside79 nice dh u hv. balance ar with dps. prolly the next upgrade u would wanna consider will be a better 2 os manticore and helm to mempo with cc if possible.
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01/09/2013 06:06 PMPosted by Xtasis
@Thefarside79 nice dh u hv. balance ar with dps. prolly the next upgrade u would wanna consider will be a better 2 os manticore and helm to mempo with cc if possible.

Ha yeah, you mentioned the very two things I am saving for atm. Both items are very expensive so it is taking a while. Have 375M currently, so only about 700M more to go >< lol

Excellent DH, only improvements you could make is vit/ar on your gear. These upgrades would cost a fortune for only a relatively small bonus.

Great, I would get the pro...

@Krafty, Huge DH. Nice HP, massive DPS. Res's seem a bit low... still with your build, I don't see where you can get a lot of them, unless you're talking absolute BiS items.
To be absolutely critical, you're missing a bit of +max discipline, but with Inna's and your huge DML, no real place to get it.
Lastly, you still need some paragon levels, so I would like to see a HF on your char.

Taking a long break from my monk (my eyes can't take TR anymore) and is moving on to DH. I was wondering if you guys can give me some tips and rating.

Ignore my skill build. I was testing out some stuff before I logged off.


I would say your gear would be pretty ideal for me :)
Probably little room to upgrade for you
New DH so i'm not going to try to rate the above.

I know I need a ton of improvements. The gear I have was acquired was farming with other char. I am looking for advice on what to shoot for next and if my skills are correct.
@Mark.. i give you an 6.5/10

Your shortcomings are not nearly enough vitality at 24k life.. i suggest you pick up vit on ur ammy and 2nd ring... you also have 35% movement speed when the cap in game is 25% movement speed.. i suggest dropping lacuni prowlers and getting a a set of strongarms or rares with Dex/Vit/AR/CC.. you can deal with dropping the AS and definitely need the EHP
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