Diablo® III

Rate the DH above you!!

@Bowjangles I'd say yo should upgrade your ammy and rings
@ANigerian health and dps are there, more AR should do the job.
nice build zanixus... very balanced
FatherKathos: impressive DPS, but it will be nice to have more HP.
@diablomk3 nicely built DH. I know you probably want the Nats bonus, but you might want to consider a Mempo, made a big difference when i swapped one in for my nats sight
@Dudeman Well done. You are definitely going the right direction. I would probably focus on a new bracer and ring. Keep it up ^^
@Obechu I'd get vit on nats boots and drop bracers for lacunis at least to balance tankiness and gain a lot more dps.
02/08/2013 05:29 PMPosted by Selendius
@Obechu I'd get vit on nats boots and drop bracers for lacunis at least to balance tankiness and gain a lot more dps.

wanna front me the money for that lacunis lol?
maybe ;)
@ Selendius

keep up the good work!
Edited by FrozenArrow#1722 on 2/9/2013 1:13 AM PST
@Frozen Arrow: Hardly see any WF DH that has impressive DPS like you. 9/10. A little more EHP would be nice ^_^
not bad. give u a 7/10

im a 5/10, i need work


02/09/2013 08:44 AMPosted by smokymkpot
im a 5/10, i need work

forum spamming/attention whoring build 10/10 though
@PewPewTiuTiu Overall very good, love your Amulet, 9.5/10
P.S Got this gear for 15mil all up, be kind :P
Very nice build. Something I'd aspire towards to be honest. Nice gems as well and that Vile is pretty ridiculous xD Also haven't seen Nether Tentacles in a while
Edited by Uragami#1525 on 2/9/2013 11:29 PM PST
Very nice, I'm sure you'll have plenty of advice for me. 7/10

Gem in Manticore upgrade would be nice but I'd worry about some other stuff first. Maybe some Nat boots/cape for AR and the added CC. Vile Ward shoulders. Mempo. Plenty of upgrades to be done, you're still a fairly new DH so not going to give you too much grief about it.

@ Vladtepes

Great DH you have there. My only say would be to find a Nats chest armor with all resist? Maybe replace the dex gems in your innas with vitality gem.
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