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Rate the DH above you!!

Seriously just "good"? Come on dude... I like your crafted a my and the manticore, great gems!
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good because have low resist :X
my craft come good because i take 20-40 essences per hour
I wasn't referring to the comment on the quality of my gear but the lack of specificity. Thanks on giving some feedback this time!
nice oscar that calamity is pretty sick

I'm sorry currently I unavailable to view any profile not sure what's is wrong with it (Server side or Client Side)

Can anyone see how alright is my DH? D:

Your DH Is Up And Coming ATM

Nats Boots
2 Socket Manticore
Andariel's Visage
Trifecta Gloves (I Have A Nice Pair For Cheap If You Are Interested, Message Me In Game)
MrFox...only thing I can think of is a Crit Mempo. Love the bracers, wish I crafted mine with AR also.
Very good DH, MrLucid, nice shoulders / witching hour / rare ring, correct me if I'm wrong, but I think your next upgrade should be a better Dead Man's Legacy. Awesome gear!

Cant see your profile.

Here is link to mine:


Idk know what to suggest for you, lol. Everything looks awesome to me :)

Idk know what to suggest for you, lol. Everything looks awesome to me :)

It appears to me that you're a bit too "dex" oriented. If you get your CC over 50% and add a solid dose of attack speed you'll see a huge gain. Look into Inna's pants/belt if you're on a budget, you'll pick up some attack speed,movement speed and a small amount of CC plus a 130 dex bonus. Also try to get your HP over 40K.

Take your gloves for example, great dex roll but it's only got CC.....gloves can roll dex + vit+ CC + CD + AS.
@Chocko i would say a 2 socket manticore with dex roll will give u some further boost in dps and can try out on the new glove craft as well as shoulders they hv chance to roll pretty gd stats as well.
Chocko - nice lookin DH bro, mad respect for guys who can get over 200k dps without SS!! Would suggest a 2soc manticore, and upgrade gems! Crit hellfire wouldnt go amiss either

Xtasis - no comment - godlike!!
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Nice DPS/HP but I didn't see much All Resists. You had some on the boots and then specific resists here and there but not a lot altogether.

(I feel so stupid rating someone that is so much better than my DH).
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I guess your are just in the begin
so i will give your a 2...
got a far away...

I just power leveled my DH from 34 to 60 tonight so I'm not terribly familiar with end game DH gear. You have nice health and dmg, so I'd call your DH a 9, maybe even a 10 once I learn more about the class. : )

I'm obviously using a lot of gear from my monk. My Manticore and Dead Man's were both found, and after crafting the shoulders and bracers I decided to finally finish leveling him up after months of inactivity. He still had a legacy Cain's headpiece before I started the power leveling today. : )
Huge EHP & 66disc, pretty much everything that a DH wants. 9/10, BeastfrmWest.
Also, nice crafting, especially the shoulder.
@Treleth: Your DH is pretty good. I don't stand why BeastfrmWest gave you a 2, lol.
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