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Rate the DH above you!!

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duel weild is good based on what your hatird spender is, its also better for survivbilty since u get more hits with loh
@Acurn, maybe a higher Elite% SoJ. Good gearsz
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@Rank: I would say find an ammy with more dex and average damage. Or trifecta gloves. but overall good gear bud.
90 Night Elf Rogue
Posts: 432
ya that would be nice, relly insanely hard to find 30 percent sojs with st

espicaly since the ah cant sort spike trap
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@ Kick Acid,

nice ehp, anyways change sinister boon, with either vit or resis or even higher dps.
might thinking of giving witching hour up? it has nice defensive stats however it significantly lowers the dps. It could be better to add Dex/Vit on witching hour and have resis on rare bracer + mediocre primary stats.
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9/10 you're char is pretty much what I want mine to look like.

yes i know my DH is screwed up :( someone help me fix it
@frozenArrow overall 7/10.keep upgrade on your gear,u are at the right way to be a top DH.1st Thing to improve is your boots.change it to nat's boot to gain the extra 130 dex.They are cheap now in ah and they have at least 70 AR.2nd thing is DML try to get a elemental arrow stat DML becouse your are using ball lightning.

Very nice - I can only aspire to your gear setup! Solid build as well. I had left NT behind when it got nerfed but I might give ball lightning a go. 9.99/10! (though I'm not sure how I would improve, I thought I would leave room for it :D)
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I think that you would gain the most from upgrading to a cheap DML 180/180 with at least 17%as/8%cc. They are very cheap and you will see a dramatic improvement over your rare quiver. I would give you a 4.5/10 but with a few upgrades I would think that number is easily 5.5/10. And good luck to the person looking me over :D
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I guess I am next then, your quiver and nats embrace support the your primary and alt weapons. The rest of your gear, is superb too. I cant imagine how long it took to collect your setup but congrats.

This just sucks because your setup in quality alone is way above mine. Sorry I can give you more than praise. 9.5/10


Pretty solid gear all around, but get some more IAS + Dex Gloves. Also the Strongarms could use a better random stat unless your really want the regen. Also get some dex on that Ammy. Int isn't the best DH Stat :P.

9/10, good all around, just need some buffs on some gear.
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Good DH so far. Work on getting more CC as you are on the lower side for CC. Aim for a DML with multishot. Max is 8% CC so combined with your ammy you can hit 11% extra cc for multishot!
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9/10 Looks damn good not much else to say

Sold all my gear and gold when I quit a long time ago and I've been playing again recently but I'm only around 3.5mil and I can only farm MP3/4 efficiently. Don't know where to start replacing gear.

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You should pick up a couple of nat pieces to start off. You can get a nats chest and boots for pretty cheap...the two piece bonus is great. if you have enough gold i think you get 3 pieces of nats...the third piece if you save up more gold should be a nats ring. also manticores are inexpensive as well...try aiming for 1100-1200 single socket manticore with dex and 80%+ crit dmg..that shouldnt cost you too much. gl with your gearing!

Nice DH. Good EHP makes your id nice and tanky.

You could find an amulet with similar affixes but higher CD and CC for quite cheap. You may also want to search for Lacunis with higher CC.

If you find a a cheap deal, it is also worth it to upgrade your manticore.
Sorry MrFox - wrote comment at the same time lol.


You could add some vit/life% /AR to your ammy. You could also search for a ring with more cd and dex.

You could also find some vilewards with EHP on them aswell.

Good lucky buddy

awesome DH.
@Mark.. i give you an 6.5/10

Your shortcomings are not nearly enough vitality at 24k life.. i suggest you pick up vit on ur ammy and 2nd ring... you also have 35% movement speed when the cap in game is 25% movement speed.. i suggest dropping lacuni prowlers and getting a a set of strongarms or rares with Dex/Vit/AR/CC.. you can deal with dropping the AS and definitely need the EHP

Thanks, didn't know about the movement speed cap :)
I am looking to duel wield as well noble, is it any good?

It seems CC/CD is the way to go on every item, but i just can't seem to see how i could swap out any of my gear, as i would lose all my life/ar.

And so i can't get anymore DPS :(

It's all about preference. Personally, I love it. I'm able to regen my hatred pretty quickly and with archery, I get a nice boost in crit for nightstalker. I almost never have disc and hatred problems and can deal out some serious damage with spike traps.

If you like the slow, million+ crit style, then it's not for you. I just didn't really want to go with the cookie cutter dual socket manticore since I really do enjoy the speed.

I would get inna's pants if I were you. LoH doesn't really do much when you have gloom. The faster you're shooting and the more you're getting crits, the quicker your disc is going to regen, making it easier to use gloom repeatedly. Inna's pants will be a nice boost. Also look into replacing your hellfire ring unless you're using it for leveling. Any combination of average damage, dex, crit, crit damage, attack speed, and vit would be a big boost. You can find some nice average damage, dex, crit, and crit damage rings on the AH for relatively cheap. The higher the avg damage, the better. If you pair this with a cheaper end mempo with vit, you should maintain your AR/Res and boost your DPS quite a bit.
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