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Rate the DH above you!!


Awesome DH man, I love the windy. Always a windy fan, I just don't have the gear to back my !@#$ windy. Very solid looking, I love it.

@ Kick Acid,

nice ehp, anyways change sinister boon, with either vit or resis or even higher dps.
might thinking of giving witching hour up? it has nice defensive stats however it significantly lowers the dps. It could be better to add Dex/Vit on witching hour and have resis on rare bracer + mediocre primary stats.

You'd be surprised at how high the dps on Sinister Boon actually is. I can't find a ring that matches the dps WHILE giving me eHP for cheap. 200m+ for sure. I actually found my witching hour. I eventually want AR on my bracers too, but it's pretty expensive with high crit, dex and vit.
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@KickACID Nice Demon Hunter... But I really think that you should get another Witching Hour. I know that it has 76 all resistance and 166 armor but it has no dexterity. And it has low critical hit damage also.
And very nice Vile Wards... I like it. I think that I should get a similar one but with those stats they're too damn expensive.
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Rate me please

hmm... wouldnt Lacunis be better
01/14/2013 01:19 AMPosted by Piigmeu
Rate me please

Your dps is fine, however your defense is pretty low.

Unbuffed you are at 227k dps
Unbuffed you are at 130k eHP

I would start with your All Resist (Currently you are only at 225) and your HP.

Right now you are at a good spot to farm on mp0~3, but I think anything higher than than would not be worth it.

Start with getting a Amulet with more defensive stats to it.
Rate me please, I have some extra cash and not sure what my next priorities should be
@Foji You should get a better weapon. A single socket, dexterity Manticore (with more than 1200 DPS). Or you can get an amulet with 100 dexterity, 100 vitality, 70% critical hit damage and 7% critical hit chance. Both of this upgrades will cost you 100M. And they're the changes that you most need.
A cheap upgrade should be a 250 dexterity, 300 vitality and 17% attack speed quiver.
nice EHP, I like the dual %damage reduction on the bracers. Sharpshooter build is interesting, guess you are doing that for some guaranteed crits in pvp, which explains the low crit chance and high crit damage.

Nonetheless I'd get some more crit chance so SS doesn't need that long to get to 100%. Trade Maras for a CC/CD/avg dmg/@amu, get avg dmg on the rings and trade your belt for a witching hour. That's what I'd do.

my DH is on EU: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/memo-2401/hero/15277440
Nice DH, you have a nice balance going on but I would look into adding more CHD and also get a piece of gear (I say shoulders) that has pick up radius. IMO I recommend at least 1 item with it.
@Wolf - Nice windforce dps. The main suggestion that jumps out at me is getting a Vile Ward with PUR.

edit @ whoever does me I have 2 DH. :)
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@DonDraper, I'm impressed with how your Manticore (which is just about 100 more weapon DPS than mine) gives you 70k more DPS than mine. Since you are ahead of me, what stands out to me is, have you consider getting a Witching hour? Anyone else care to add to this?

Now, anyone care to rate and advice what my next priority should be?
@jkkush, I need some of the same upgrades, which would be high dex shoulders( so much gold!) and better gems.
Would like some ideas of a weapon choice that up my dps a bit. I need a better belt, but it was a drop and trying to make most of it.

Your belt is fine and should be a later upgrade. As for a better weapon the only DPS upgrade would probably be a manticore with 1350+ dps dex roll or a double socket manticore. You could also try out a calamity which are way cheaper than high end manticores and provides a different gameplay experience. Go for a litany ring with CD or IAS. DML with a skill that you would use and nat boots with vit (which I am also in dire need for).
my god i wish i had your manticore smoke.

pretty damn good DH you got there.
I think its time to get a nat set for your DH
@ shdwflare..

!@#$ty LN4.. get new nats
get LN4 for your hardcore DH pls
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