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CM/WW(SNS) Gearing Guide

Alrighty you've made it the the Wizard Forums and have seen the multiple posts regarding CM/WW or SNS as the builds are commonly known. Here's my work in progress guide with some of the Best In Slot(BIS) options for CM/WW Wizards

If your unsure on the build please read the Wizards Compendium maintained by AS00 with multiple contributions from the Wizard community: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7004037930

The gear listed is my, and many other top CM Wizards, opinions on how to gear your SNS Wizard. Nothing is set in stone but for the uninitiated this should be immensly helpful and give you options that you may not have been aware of.

Just remember that the whole build synergises with Increased Attack Speed(Ias), Critical Hit Chance(CC) and relies on heavy mitigation through the use of All Resist(AR) and Armor whist refreshing your Health with High Life on Hit(LOH) and occasionally Lifesteal(LS). The idea is to stack Ias,CC,AR,Armor,LOH so the build is effective(Minion lockdown/Surviving) THEN you worry about adding DPS. Recommended stats required are in the Build Guides.

Logical order for gearing (By Comrade#6924)
2.Helm/Source SC / Mempo / Rare which would pick the source
3.Ammy Pants which would pick the Loh
4.Ring/Boots and the LOH and the Nat set/Zuni come in
5.Armor Gloves Bracer IAS EHP or CC top ups
6.Belt Shoulders No Choice - WH/VW

Not a great option but still viable. Look for High Int, Int/Vit, AR or Armor with low fire damage taken.
>700Armor, >175Int, >65AR
>250Int, >75Vit, >65AR
Rare Helm
Apoc, CC, AR, OS, Armor, Int/Vit

>200Int, >150Str, >75Vit
>250Int, >125Vit
>250Int, >75Vit, %Life
>250Int, >200Str

>65AR, >700Armor
>65AR, >175Vit
>65AR, 7% Reduced Elite Damage
>225Vit, >150Int, > 700Armor
>225Vit, >150Int, 7% Reduced Elite Damage
>250Vit, >50Int, > 700Armor
>150Vit, >50Int , 7% Reduced Elite Damage

Rare Amulet
>500LOH, >8Ias, > 8CC, AR, Armor, Int, Vit, % Life, Str, CD. (First 3 + any of the others)
>500LOH, >8Ias, >8CC, CD, Int, AR, Vit (First 3 + 1 other)

Rare Gloves
>8Ias, > 8CC, AR, Int, Armor, Vit, Str, CD, Dex (First 3 then any of the others)
>8Ias, >8CC, >60AR
>8Ias, >8CC, >200Int
>8Ias, >8CC, >40CD

>4CC, >40AR, Armor, Int, Vit (First 2 + 1 other)
Rare Bracers
>130Int, >75Vit, >5cc, >65AR, Armor, Str

>65AR, >400LOH, >650 Armor
>65AR, >400LOH, >175 Vit
>65AR, >400LOH, 2 OS
>150Int, >100Vit >70Ar, 2OS a bonus
Rare Pants
>125Int, >125Vit, >65AR, >650Armor, 2 OS

RING 1 (Use 1 of these if going for 2 set bonus of Zunimassa(+130Int) or Natalya’s(+7CC)
>35CD >50AR
try add either Int,CC,CD,AR,Vit,Av Damage, LOH to it.
then try add either Ias, CC, High Int, Vit, Armor, Str, Dex to it.

RING 2 (If <900LOH by now, make sure to get LOH on 1 of your rings)
Rare Ring
>8 Ias, >4 CC, >300LOH AR, Int, Vit, >35 Average Damage, Armor, (Base has to be Ias,CC then add other stats)
>7Ias, Int version
>6Ias, Int version
>4cc >4 to Energy Twister, Int Version

>65Ar, >150 Armor, Str, Vit, High Int (AR then what you can get)
>200Int, >65AR then >75Str or >75Vit or %Life
>175Int, >65AR >50 Vit
Rare Belt
>150Int, >150Vit, >65Ar, Armor, %Life, Str

>175Dex, >50Int, >50Vit
>175Dex, >50Int, >75Str
>150Int, >65AR, >75Vit, Armor
>200Int, >100Vit, Bonus of 12% MS

Open Socket
>1.75 Attack Speed
>75CD, OS, >7 Energy Twister
Any 1H Rare
>1150Dps, >1.4AS >600LOH or LifeSteal, OS, Ias then add CD, Int, Vit
Rare Dagger
>850Dps, Ias, >600LOH or LifeSteal, OS, then add CD, Int, Vit

If with your Helm and Weapon your <= 10 Apoc you need an Apoc source, If already at 20 Apoc you can go cheap to the non Apoc option. I Would say 17 Apoc is minimum to run the build properly.
>225 Average Damage, >8 Apoc
>275 Average Damage, >100 Vit or >250Int

Other options but not as viable as they don't have Ias.
>225 Average Damage >250int or >175Vit/Int or >8Apoc if <=10 already to get at least 17
>275 Average Damage, 6% Elite damage, Apoc, then >250int or >125Vit
>275 Average Damage then >250int or >125Vit
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i disagree with a few of those

bis is making sets for free stuff. plus the items are better

130 free int - zuni chest and tripox is better than tal rash any ring 2 - on thier own and expecially when setted
7CC - nati ring and boots u got
100 free vit bt pants and tricross is way better than any rare ammy

I use tal rash cos i can't afford to make zuni work

I use a rare ammy cos I can't afford to make BT set work
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Its called a work in progress~

And doing this 2am in the morning at work with government restricted internet access sux. I was bloody tired. Just spammed some stuff off the top of me head. So plenty of room for adjustments and changes.
Edited by Aphraell#1269 on 1/9/2013 5:55 PM PST
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#1 Vile Ward >200Int, >150Str, >75Vit
#2 Vile Ward >250Int, >125Vit
#3 Vile Ward >250Int, >75Vit, %Life

You forgot the barbarians here

might be better then 75 vit

#1 Rare >8 Ias, > 8CC, AR, Int, Armor, Vit, Str, CD, Dex (First 3 then any of the others)
#2 Taskers and Theo’s >8ias, >8cc, >60AR
#3 Taskers and Theo’s >8ias, >8cc, >200Int

I am inclined to camping for a 200 int taskers instead of AR since it is 20 AR by default

Chantodo’s Will >1.75 Attack Speed

Maybe a =>1.78 because you can lose IAS slot requirements for BP
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I'd say 140+Int or so for rare bracers. 75 int is nothing.

Maybe some mention of Triumvirate, since you mention non-Chanto MHs.

Otherwise, looks like a good list so far.
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Why no inna pant, tal ammy, or tyreal might?
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Because its not finished......
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This is going to be a flame fest. Don't give up!
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I think you should set targets for stats too.

because if we picked all the BIS wrongly and end up with like 100k life because we picked the Vit versions.

It would be hilarious.
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01/09/2013 05:39 PMPosted by Aphraell
Ignore everthing for now!~

But when you say that, everyone will just do the opposite.
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I would suggest putting LoH as one of the required stats on rings if you are truly BiS, at those lvls of dmg you'd need it to survive RD+Electrify. It also has the potential to free up your leg slot form needing to be blackthorn's.
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Yea I know BDF. My quick and simple plan of a gear post aint going so easy..... typing crap for people to understand isnt a huge strong point for me.

Will prob add something at start regarding LOH,Apoc requirements, Breakpoints - who knows.. Might scrap it all too lol.
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K Flame away. Try be constructive in the burnage though. It is not finished.... but its a start!~
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Equal or greater then 1.78
You want to note the IAS requirements by piece there for achieving 2.73BP?

1.55 76% 10+pieces (Sloraks)
1.61 70% 9+ pieces
1.65 66% 9+ pieces
1.66 65% 9+ pieces ( IAS dagger )

1.68 63% 7+pieces

1.78 54% 6+ pieces
1.79 53% 6+ pieces

Other notable permutation for 3.01
1.75 72% 8+pieces
1.65 82% 10+ pieces
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Epic thread aph.

I was thinking of putting something like this together but I think for the joe blow gearing their wizard for the first time this is very overwhelming.

But high five for the effort awesome job.
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Equal or greater then 1.78
You want to note the IAS requirements by piece there for achieving 2.73BP?

Personally I'd rather they read the Build Guides to work out IAS breakpoints. This is just basic gear options, I'm not helping them reach exact breakpoints. That can get confusing depending on what items they choose.
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Good thread Aph, looking forward to the finished product :)

Aimless - while I acknowledge Zuni chest and pox with the set bonus is really awesome, if we are talking BiS then shouldnt it reflect the perfect CM wiz APS as well of 3.01? In that case, Tals chest is a must, unless you get the IAS Chants Will but then lose 100% CD. What do you think?
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01/09/2013 10:48 PMPosted by Bankai
the perfect CM wiz APS as well of 3.01?

Why is this the perfect.
Not all connections can tell the difference, latency comes into play.

It is also not mathematically possible without blue pants or weird shoes if you are not IAS.

high enough IAS is worth 2 random slots which is technically the same as is 100% CD.
The only difference being perfect 50% CD pieces are harder to find then 9% pieces

IMO Not too much difference unless you want over 300 CD for whatever reason.
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Great topic. :D

Hi to everyone!

I'm from Brasil. I've read every day much topics here about CM/WW and learn to much with posts of Shandlar, Aimless, Boozor, Aphrael and others....

Recently I upgraded my Vile Ward, wich could be checked in my profile.

My doubt is:

- My oldest shoulders had 127str > 220 int > 67 vit > 73ar > 607 armor

- In this new a i lost 1.6k dps, it was a good upgrade?

- Any sugestions to improve my wiz?

ps. Sorry for my bad english
Edited by onurb666#1880 on 1/10/2013 3:50 AM PST
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Aph, great job, kudos.

For weapon, CD>90% chant is also an option... and is usually much cheaper.
Edited by Ged#1199 on 1/10/2013 3:59 AM PST
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