Diablo® III

to be soon Playing with 2 friends

Hi, I just got the game and one of my other friends already has it and the other will get it soon.
We are going to play with just us 3. I would like us not to be fighting over gear becuase if anything thats is going to be a game braker.

Whats the best 3 player combo to have that uses the most different gear when one has to have a deamon hunter?

I only can think of no two of the same class and maybe one DH(must) one Barb and a WD or WIZ.

Any ideas?
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I think just enjoy the game and level up to 60 first. Perhaps try different classes and save some gold before thinking about the combo you want
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DEX: Monk, DH
STR: Barb
INT: Wiz, WD

So there you go.
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Thanks guys, so you saying all classes work well with other classes the same? We are not going to take to game too seriously but if anyone is going to the most its me.

Are you saying that Wiz and WD use the same items except for class only items?

So its comfirmed DH +Barb + Wiz or WD so whats better with a bard and DH wiz or WD?
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I would suggest your friend play wizard over witch doctor, but in the end it doesn't matter much.

Also, you likely know this already but Diablo uses an individual loot system, so there is no need to fight over loot. Of course, you can share loot if you choose to so this only goes so far.

If your friends are going to get angry about loot you might consider finding new friends :D
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They don't use the same gear, most classes have class-specific gear but main stat is always an important thing, after all, they are what boost your DPS.

Some gears are 'interchangeable' between classes. Like Inna's set was made and meant for use by Monks, but some DH do pick them up and use it. Same goes for the Zuni's set which I've seen some Wiz having use them despite it was originally meant for the WD.

Barbs are the only class that reign supreme over STR-type items.
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If you are looking for three classes that don't have much gear overlap, go with barb, DH and wizard. None of them will use similar gear and the most important piece, the weapon, will be different.

Hit me up in game, ill get all three of you started with Some gear
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Also, you likely know this already but Diablo uses an individual loot system, so there is no need to fight over loot.

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Thanks, i am sorted, other guy wants to be a wiz and the other a DH so i'll be a barb.
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