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ERROR 3006

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And according to the server D3 status, servers are up and functional. I bet the difference!! Hopefully they will fix it soon!
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there is a blue tread here: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7004403103
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date is from 11/1/2012 I think thats a lil old lol
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Donno about you but this is pissing me off slightly... was omost in inferno with my monk ( again ) then poof... getting error 37 / 73 / 3006 anything but logging in it keeps hanging up on authenticating , I have a authenticator too.

ugh bliz
they are too busy playing around in magical fairy panda land. to even notice thier game is screwed up.
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So the problem is only for people with authentication required?

Sometimes I seriously regret adding an authenticator to my account. So far, it's only caused headaches.

Bliz, we'd at least like to see an acknowledgement that you are aware of the problem and everyone isn't just sleep off their hangovers Saturday morning.
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no authenticator and i am getting 73.
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There is a magic fairy panda land? whoa! how cool is that! better have diamond skin equipped or your dead! Considering Im a hardcore character, death would not be a good thing.
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Ive gotten all three now too 73/ 3005/ 3006 HAT TRICK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What did I win?!!!!
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A trip to the old school diablo 3 beta version LOL
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Still down

No resolution?

No acknowledgment?
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this is awesome. last day off before classes starts and this happens
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now there is breaking news up when you load the game that says there is an issue but still no resolution
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Can't log in since 2 Hours ago...

Error 3005
Error 3006
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Error 73 for me
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Nothing wrong at my end.
I'm logged in with no problems.
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it would be nice if someone from blizzard atleast commented on this issue instead of ignoring the problem
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This is ridiculous...could be hours.

They just say you may be able to log on or you may not.
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Working as Intended. Issues been happening for 3 hours and nothing is fixed yet. They have our money so why should they care not like we can get refunds for this brilliant idea of "must have internet" to pay at all times. Activision Blizzard...the new EA.
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