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Rubies buffed... And topaz?

Rubies had at least SOME utility, (power leveling)- emeralds were of course the go to gem (on SC at least)- but topaz? Unarguably the most useless gem. Why not make a change to a gem that is completely useless in your weapons?

The only people I know that have used topaz are the ones who are extremely bored with this game and want to goof around stacking 30k thorns dmg.

Even in slots other than weapons, the topaz is the probably the most underused gem of all-

Emeralds: Obvious.
Rubies: Almost everyone uses in their helm when farming. Also provides main stat for the most popular class (DiBarblo)
Amethyst: Helpful in higher MP/Über situations. Very popular in HC. Can pick up slack in eHP when upgrading a DPS slot. Very useful in helm when you're not farming low mp.

Topaz? Main stat for Wiz and WD, pointless in weapon, decent in helm, but most people will take the xp gem as it will give them more magic find sooner anyway.

Where's the topaz love?
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On the plus side they are cheap, was 300g per flawless square before the patch was announced.

I thought it would be cool if they had a multicolor gem where you needed 3-4 of the other colors combined to make it. This would even out the costs a bit and make the less popular gems slightly more useful, even if it wasn't for their own color.
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