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RoE/VQ/PtV Build

Hey Fellow Wd's,

Just figured I would make a thread to share the build. I have ~80 mana regen (4 pc zuni, mana regen on offhand AND weapon) or so and am able to support the following build. I find that it is an excellent range build with equitable dmg to bears, but lacks AoE outside of Locust Swarm, which becomes pretty much spammable with this build (within reason).


Chuck is still trying to determine if it stacks or not but frankly that doesn't matter, its more useful for this build for mana regen. When using LS, if you hold down shift and using Locust Swarm in a circular motion around your character (think 360 degree here) making sure each individual unit gets infected - this allows for the jumping of locust back and forth, even amongst enemies already infected, and each jump gives you 40 mana or so... which adds up.

This build is great with either 1h mojo or 2h, try it out and let me know what you think!

Items to look for:

SB dmg on offhand, SoJ, and (if possible) mara's. 25% MORE DMG TO SB + 20% from PtV + 30% to ubers/elites = a LOT of extra dmg before crits.

The goal is to increase the dmg by such a high amount that WoS, by itself, can melt things. I have used this on MP10 to great effect but it really shines in MP8. Have not tried on ubers but i dont think its an issue. I cant make a video at some point for this.

Just swap out SH for ubers if you want. I think locust would still be very useful (esp maghda fight) for ubers so I would hesitate on removing it but that will require further testing.

Also this works well with LoH (pyrogeist/locust) or lifesteal (SB). I would say though that having both is optimal - LoH on BT only for myself, around 400 loh.

My only issue is that you cannot fully control where ur dmg is being directed at sometimes between pyro and SB. Also, you will be half empty on mana a lot but apparently that means you are fully maximizing your dps.

Anyhow let me know what you think! I also feel like this could be decent pvp build, meaning pyro + SB + (PtV/VQ/RoE) with whatever else lends itself well for pvp.

As always, try it out, let me know what you think, and please provide suggestions/comments!

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If you go zuni CC helm(14 mana regen might help you drop VQ for BR though..) and mojo you can drop pox for skull grasp for more SB damage. (my grasp is low but i hit a 5CC 5 SB damage SG)
Can also use haunt instead of locus for mana as well (least I do on ubers)

I would like to know if a 12% SB 7 % CC manas would be better then tals ammy though if someone wants to math that out i'd appreciate it.
(currently have 12 % SoJ 5% SG 12% Mara 14% mojo)
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good point, Haunt may very well be better for ubers.

I was looking at a SoS for the build, and I have one, I will try that out and see how i like it.

The main issue is FINDING a 10%+ SB Skully with 6%cc AND int... yikes.
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I found for my version of this build that I could switch one of the mana passives for gruesome feast, which greatly increased my kill speed. my 148k base dps gets buffed upt to 340k base and can be maintain at around 3 stacks in mp8 with just 7 pur.

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Yup, have been fiddling with something very similar and agree, dump bugs for Haunt on Uber runs. And if mana still gives grief on lower geared WDs, swapping WoS (which I'm pretty sure is THE best offensive spell we have) to Spirit is Willing does a more than passable job.
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@1.66 APS with PTV ROE and SA (114 regen /1047 max mana) While holding down WOS I got 25 Casts before I got the OoM message. Swapped in SOJ for the (115 regen/1186 max) and hit 29 casts before OoM(which would be negated when you swap to SG since 1.66 turns into 1.74 at 6%IAS) With BR instead of SA you get to about the same casts (25 without SOJ) but I feel as though when you bottom out you cast faster.
@1.66 with PTV ROE and GF I got 14 casts before OoM(104 regen/873max).

I personally feel that if you dropped Ptv for BR, you'd be able to swap in more IAS and come out ahead in damage.

http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7006344940#17 back in this thread 2.03 APS 107 Mana regen held up.
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i don't know, i don't run oom with PtV VQ and RoE so it seems to work well. Fully buffed off PtV and SH, i am over 300k dps ez (up from around 220k). that's pretty much up all the time as opposed to having to use GF.

even with more IAS, i am not sure it can beat a 20% dmg buff to all skills. ias would help SB, but would do nothing for Locusts, Pyro, or SH. Dogs may be wash, idk, but 20% more dmg seems like it is great for the leeching beasts.

pretty much everything benefits from PtV, with virtually no drawback. i get around 2m in full dmg each cast from all WoS souls.

150k dmg from pyro

1M dmg from SH buffed, 800k on initial cast.

and swarms doing 50k.

all on top of that SB dmg...
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I want to love pyro - I really do - but it just doesn't float my boat. Keep going back to Spider Queen. She's generally more hopeless the pyro, except her proc rate is far superior.
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Bump. I've been doing the WOS thing for a while. Tons of benefits.

This is interesting, adding VQ and PTV. I'm wary of giving up the defense of JF but I could see that this would be an excellent way to adjust the build depending on the situation, Mp, etc. thanks for the idea.

I probably just helped screw the value of WOS gear with this bump however...
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So I'm trying to understand this build before I put it in the builds index.

I get it all except the pyro/spider queen thing. Wouldn't AC be better for crowd control?
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You need vision quest and pyro or spider queen are the 'best' at keeping VQ up.

VQ stacks with the mana regen from RoE.
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No cc involved, just dmg. He was suggesting i use sq instead of pyro to proc vq.

Btw this build is so freaking dirty in pvp.

Just sub in hex for sh, and use horrify or wall of zombies or grasp for locust, keeping the rest.

SB + pyro is so so dirty.

So dirty.

(Let it sink it...)

So dirty.
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OK. SB + Pyro is dirty. Check.

SQ or Pyro to keep VQ up. Check.

And for crowd control we have what skill ???

You throw LS a few times. Launch the pyro. Then SB what's left?
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Yessum. Except i always launch pyro first of course.
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No cc, unless you use EF which works very well with the build.
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SayGa - You mean Echoing Fury?

OK - I guess I see it now. I might try it when they fix WoS in 1.07, but until then...

I'll post your build up later tonight or early tomorrow.

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