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Fixit #2 - Meaningful polls.


Please understand I say this with all due respect, and in a completely civil and calm tone, but can we please get some more meaningful polls?

A review of recent polls:

Which realm of pure evil encounter is your favourite?
Which Act 2 environment is your favourite?
Which Act 3 environment is your favourite?
Which Act 1 environment is your favourite?
Which Act 4 environment is your favourite? (was "none of the above" an option on this one?)
Who's the greatest "Great Evil"?
Which follower accompanies you?

Instead, you could be asking things like:

Which class do you feel is most in need of buffs, if any?
Which Act would you most like to see improved upon?
Which Uber combination do you find the hardest/easiest/most or least interesting?
Which class skill do you feel is the least appealing? (You could run a poll each week on a different class)
Of the following Diablo III features which did you like the most / least? (List several options)

Anyway, there's a whole slew of polls you could run to elicit feedback from the community (and to be frank, there's parts of this community who feel the feedback process isn't working to well).

I'm not suggesting you immediately accept and act upon each poll result, but it would be a good indicator, nor would each poll need to be necessarily negative (or positive for that matter) and I'm sure there'd be a lot of interest within the community for seeing the results.

So hows 'bout it, Blizz? Inquiring minds want to be inquired.
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I would also love to see such polls, the results would be interesting either way and the feedback value can't be neglected.

Guess they got scared when Mephisto and Baal won the Greatest Evil by a landslide of votes compared to the D3 bosses and therefore decided to continue with somewhat safe positive polls.
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