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01/17/2013 02:46 PMPosted by blkdrgn
disc is the #1 thing that you need to survive.


01/17/2013 04:30 PMPosted by Kadderly
Well... 30% to elite SoJs are about to shoot up in price (actually all of them will, just 29-30% is going to be ridiculous)... Anybody else already invested in one?

I invested in 3 different ones long before the PTR and as I predicted, prices are on the rise.
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01/18/2013 01:01 AMPosted by REVRAC
Well... 30% to elite SoJs are about to shoot up in price (actually all of them will, just 29-30% is going to be ridiculous)... Anybody else already invested in one?

Yes sir :D

I have 4 different SoJ's for my variety of builds.

I like scorpions.
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Change of thoughts. I'm BY FAR most afraid of good barbs now :(

Wizards and WDs are 10x more manageable.

Yeah, I've run into a few good barbs too and without a little strategy, they can be a bit annoying. Rend hurts, the bleed is definitely very strong. Lots of barbs are using skorn for the huge rend crits and it takes quite a bit of eHP to live through one of those. I've run into a good throw barb as well and that could be pretty devastating if you're not careful. Nowadays, I've been playing my barb quite often so I've become pretty adapt to their skills and dynamics. So far, a well played toon of almost any class is pretty viable and can pose a challenge, depending on how you're built. I can't wait to see what the next step is for team Deathmatch in the future.
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I've finally found a good way to deal with Haunt. There's a very short window when you first get hit by the debuff (about 0.5s) where SS will be able to clear it. All you have to do is not panic and wait till it actually hits you to clear it with SS.

Just make sure you're not too cavalier with SS so it's not on cd when you need to hit it, it's similiar to how you can Vanish immune spells in WoW, just with a slightly different timing.

That's really my biggest gripe and only problem so far with that matchup, so knowing there actually is a solution is really neat.
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What about evasive fire? I thought it would be good...
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I think it's pretty neat, it probably has one of the best projectiles a skill can have in the game. It doesn't have enough punch for my liking though, stopped being useful for me once I started fighting people who couldn't be one-shotted. There were a couple of barbs I fought, if I were to spam Evasive Fire on them their hp probably wouldn't even budge.

The range is an issue for me too, it goes almost but not quite full screen, which against the trickier classes like WD is too close for my liking. Hungering Arrow goes just beyond full screen, small difference but it means everything. If you can see them you're already in danger of getting hit by Haunt or spiders or something.

If I had another space on my actionbar I would pick it up in a flash though. It's pretty amazing utility to have but I just don't have the space for it.
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