Diablo® III

what do i need to do to advance ?

im stuck ive finished diablo in inferno and can kill diablo at MP10 in hell mode but struggle to survive at MP1 in inferno

problem is i cant afford the inflated prices to buy the better equipment i need and after a week of trying to farm for items and gold i havent got anything usefull i even upgraded the staff of herding to inferno no luck killing ponys either

ive tryed to get keys and the plans for the infernal machine again a big fail managed 4 of the first key must have had over 50 attempts at the second key cant get it to drop had about 20 attamps at the 3rd key and another 20 attemps to get the plans all fails :(

i have basicly gone from lev 60 to lev 60+13 paragon levels without changeing my armor and have 253% magic find without any buffs

what am i missing ?
any advice would be apprecated :)
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1 you are not stacking a resistance for OWE so you don't get much out of it. pick a resistance and stack that.

2. you have no survivability to heal with. you need to get some LOH and when your dps gets up there get LS.

3. you have no crit chance, so cyclone is a bit of a waste. Try focus on getting crit chance / crit damge / dex/ IAS to up that damage.
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totally agree with these points,
I want to add that you should choose a CHEAP resistance to stack, arcane/lightning/poison (wish I thought of that before gearing up my monk). stay away from fire/physical as they are the most expensive (because they are the most beneficial to all other classes.)

get 1000-1500 Life On Hit (any combination from amulet, rings and weapons), Life steal is only useful at higher DPS (80k dps with 3% life steal gives about 500 life on hit)
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1. i have resists up to 660 with OWE 798 with mantra of healing
lightning is the high one (how much more do i need ?)

i have been looking for the other propertys you have mentioned but have failed to find them on anything usefull

i did find SKORN

1094 - 1609 damage
+258 min damage
+ 359 max damage
43% DI
451 str
98 dex
critical hit damage 140%
95.97% chance to bleed 6431-8650 over 5 sec

but have nothing to go with it it takes my damage from 36k to 43k
but drops my life from 41k down to 31k and drops my resists to 504 or 702 with mantra of healing and drops my armor from 6142 down to 4968 so i just go spalt faster :(

i guess i just have to farm more and hope something drops i can use.
at my current rate im only able to farm about 1 mill every 10 hours of play time and my attemps to sell the best items im finding (well they just dont sell ) i manage to sell an average of 1 a day at between 10-20k

i realy put in some long hours over the last 2 weeks as i was on holidays at least 8 hours a day its realy disapointing i cant get anywhere :(
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use my monk for a cookie cutter, and s pattern to build off of. Although I have reallt low res and need to work on getting it up, but I think my monk is a great pattern for most monks. I have to use MOH with the res rune because my res is too low for anything over mp4
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Add me in game. Ill do some runs with on inferno. Ill be able to carry you on mp1 i think quite easily and give u some tips n upgrades

Ill be on tonight from 6 melb time
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Hey Splatter - add me as well (if Wazz isnt around).

I think I have a half decent set for a monk floating round, and might even have a wep or two to help you out. Theres not a lot of legendary stuff in the set, but it will give you some good basics to survive in inferno.

I'm on most nights, and would be happy to run around and help you out.

Trouble - have you finished playing around with your dh yet?
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thanks guys ive sent you both friend requests i would love to do some farming runs with you when you have time :)

and no i havent finished with my DH yet i plan to try all the diferent classes eventualy :)
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As promised, here's the link to my video to help you get better gear for your char
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01/17/2013 05:46 PMPosted by Azza2k
Trouble - have you finished playing around with your dh yet?

Yeah my Dh is boss, and I love to play, but my monk is OP.
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