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A crafting idea

90 Worgen Warrior
Ok so first id like to point out a few things. 1 white items serve no purpose (i think we all agree) 2 blue items serve no purpose in late game. its either rare or legendary at this point and rares (with good stat's finds) are incredibly hard to find.

So i think we can agree on those but how can we fix white/blue items so that every item has at least some purpose and give crafting the much needed boost it needs?

Well here is my idea. First id like to point out that blizz's Hellfire ring gave me the idea and that while it's a good idea it's too much farming for one item that "could" benefit you. So what blizz could do is take white items and depending on their quality i.e thick, exceptional, masterwork ect and roll that item with a gem that benefit's your primary stat i.e Barb = Ruby DH/monk = Emerald Wiz/WD = Topaz and if you didn't need your primary stat but wanted health you could use Amethyst. Now depending on gem quality and item quality the white item would "roll" your primary stat depending on quality of item and gem. Then give you 1-6 properties also based upon item gem quality and the values of those properties is also based upon item gem quality i.e. you roll a thick archon crown with a flawless square topaz. So since the item's quality is general mild half of the primary attribute (in this case int since the gem is a topaz), #of properties and the quality of the properties roll would roll mildly, i.e. Since the item's quality is mild and gem quality is mild it would roll a mild primary stat value i.e. +87 int and then would roll a mild # of properties and gives you mild property values i.e. CC can roll up to 6 on a helm so since the helm quality is mild and its "rolling" for half of the stat max value in this case half of 6 is 3 so it would roll 1. to 2. and since the gem quality is also mild it also would roll 1. to 2.. giveing you 2-4 CC and higher end items and gems give you perfect roll properties and max number of properties.

Now this idea gives a lot of room for items to roll so in the end game it might take a few higher end item/gem rolls to get a good item however we should take a look at blue items.
So blue items are already rolled and can roll the stats randomly so instead of a white item you take a blue item that you found that has the stats you like on it and roll that with the above method but instead of getting random properties you get the properties on the blue item. So i.e. lets say you found an Assailing Tulwar of Strife and combined that with a star ruby. since the Tulwar has attack speed and max dmg it would give you for sure those 2 properties with X values plus X other properties with X values and X primary stat since. This may not be the best method but i think that at least some direction needs to be made with crafting that doesn't involve the current blacksmith crafting that gives crap and give's us that D2 feeling of crafting that makes us laugh when we roll weird items and YES!!! when we roll WHAT WE NEED.

Ty blizz
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