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pvp: wd vs good barbs

Yes wave of force is a very good pvp skill for wiz. With the extra damage rune they will kill all your dogs and knock you out of SW in one blast, then their storm armor finishes the job. Unstable anomaly is just icing on the cake. I have a lot of trouble with blizzard, hydra, mirror image, teleport, wave of force kite wizzies. If I time my horrify just right when they tele to me it's game over for them though. They get about 15 souls to the back of the head before the fear wears off. They have a massive thorns rune for storm armor though that makes me wreck myself. A good wiz gives me way more trouble than barb (at least right now).
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stack as many differnt dots as you can and top off it with a big hitting spell. It will allow you to beat out the high regen via massive amounts of simultaneous attacks once the bonus vs elites (players) is fixed it will help counter the double lantern massive ehp players a bit. However you can expect to wind up eventually against some macro using PVPers who tank up until you are on cool down then insta swap to dps gear and go in for the kill.
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wiz is prob easiest fight for me. ac is destroying wiz for me. hits all images at the same time. and then cc them and use dogs to reduce storm armor.
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Lol well with that gear it should be easy.
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can haunt crit in pvp? cuz it doesnt against white monster nor champ packs
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it it rolls a white crit 0n hit against players, white mobs and champ packs
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