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Zombie Bears gear options?

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Hi all,

Right now I'm using Visage of Giyua+Skorn+3pc Zuni's for an AA build, and anything MP3 or below is cake. I can do MP5 slowly and painfully, but from what I understand, AA is best for lower MPs. I'm considering switching to Zombie Bears to remedy this, but I foresee severe mana difficulties in the future.

The Zuni 4pc would certainly help alleviate this. The way I see it, I have two options to get this:
1) Switch from Skorn to a 1h+String of Skulls
2) Switch from Visage to a Zuni helm.

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Because I'm an idiot and displayed my WoW profile above.
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String of skulls with -zc, Soj with -ZC as well, most bear users use Zuni head over Giyua head which either frees up off hand for another or ring for -zc while retaining the set bonus.
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Best endgame combo is definitely visage with crit+top SoS. but that combined will cost hundreds of millions

mid-game (>100k dps but <200k dps) I prefer zuni helm with mana regen and ToTD for farming low mps/Urkhaian serpent for ubers/higher mps if you're going with bears.
you want mana regen on your mojo for sure, as well as much crit as you can get.

since crit is a random property of SoS, high avg dmg SoSs with crit are pretty damn expensive

in contrast, I got the serpent in my profile for 5 million around a month ago. ToTDs are cheap too.
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So you guys suggest 1h+oh instead of 2h?
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Yo check me out mp 5 no problem doing mp 7 right now with skorn 4.8 life steal i like 2h makes more sence to me so thats what i use with 4 piece zuni and big bad voodoo with rain dance rune and vision quest i can pretty much spam bears all day also spiritual attunement and pierce the veil go great together my wd is doing 110kdps 700kcrits with great surviveability at mp7 i am still working on my doctor at the moment my dps will go up more after witching hour and a zuni ring with crit chance these are my next 2 upgrades should be nice..but 1hand n mojo looks good 2 all up 2 how u wanna go about it
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