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115k Monk needs help understanding his gear

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Hey all, I frequent this forum a lot but I'm still having trouble understanding how I go about upgrading my gear without just dumping 100s of millions in 'best in slots'. Maybe snapshotting softened my understanding of the game up a bit, but seeing as I obviously won't be able to do that anymore I need to start seriously reconsidering the gear that I purchase and wear. I have about 125 mil banked for suggestions on how to use it, but as it stands I would just appreciate any and all advice on how to most effectively gear myself for higher level MPs.

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First off, you need to read through some of the threads listed here to find out more about gearing principles and some tips on strategy:


The glaring thing for me is your HP. It's low. If you want to have a crack at higher MPs, you need at least 40K HP, IMO. And taking one look at your gear, there are some huge issues with them. In terms of issues of HP sources: (1) you have 85 Vit from your weapon (you should never count on weapons for HP); (2) + 12% life in your hellfire ring - makes your hellfire ring really important even without nice DPS stats.

The cheapest way of coming close (for now) is to swap out all of your emeralds for equivalent amethysts, and then your ruby in the helm for an amethyst. That should raise your total HP to ~37K HP. You'll lose some DPS, but gain a big chunk of survivability that should get you going up to MP6 or MP7.

Beyond that, you have some gearing decisions to make. Is the Inna's 4 piece set super important to you? Because in getting this 4 piece set, you are essentially missing out on cumulative potential of 600 Vit between the chest and pant slot (max vit rolls are 300 each of which you only have 72 in your chest and none in pants) in a rare. You could go for a high vit inna's chest, but those are basically BiS ATM (I think) and will likely cost you more than your whole budget.

I'd start there before going after a significant upgrade in your amulet - more DPS affixes would be nice over there. Good luck.
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Thank you for the advice. I'm actually thinking of getting blackthorns belt/chest for vit. I'm also thinking that I should abandon the nat's set I have going now because I'm losing so much base stats for just 7% crit.
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Ok, So I made some purchases and then I made some more, and now I'm noticing my chest/helm slot are pretty weird to replace. Ideally I would be using a mempo w/ crit and inna's on my chest, but I can't afford a good mempo. Advice?
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01/22/2013 02:01 PMPosted by TedRo
Ok, So I made some purchases and then I made some more, and now I'm noticing my chest/helm slot are pretty weird to replace. Ideally I would be using a mempo w/ crit and inna's on my chest, but I can't afford a good mempo. Advice?

Mempos with crit are expensive -- generally seen as BiS (I think). I'm just curious why you are insisting on Inna's or Blackthorne's chests.
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Actually I am not. I just haven't seen any good rares hit the AH with Cold resist :/
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The cheapest way to boost hp is just use all purple gems and use purple in the helm if needed...
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Well I have close to 40k hp already and my AR is 635, so furthur upgrades just have to maintain a good vit balance while increasing DEX. I think My only upgrade options now are going to cost me near a 100 mil a slot :/
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You definitely need more hp. I'd suggest swapping gems in your helm as a start. After that, I'd probably look for life% either on a rare neck, BT's neck, or a vit pair of Strongarms.
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Kinda confused here. You have your post snap SW gears on, is that all the gears you have? I would assume you also have a presnap set of gears, but after 1.07, those gears become pretty close to worthless, and whooping around with 15k dps isnt gonna kill much of anything. The posts in these forums pretty much gives you all the info you need.

Asking for plain gearing advice isnt really clear cut and all your gonna get is a bunch of different opinions. It's better if you specify what type of build/use you want from the gears. Such as, do you want high speed exp/loot farming or do you want to do high end mp lvl/ubers farming. With the new set of mp/exp bonus coming out, it's really not the right time to regear. With the new recipes coming out, items prolly will take a tumble in price also. I'm waiting myself to see the new changes and gearing my monk till after a few days of toying around 1.07. Some new op build might come up such as WoL, and theory crafters will better set a standard on what MP farm is probably the most efficient also.

But to give you some understanding as the monk stands now: Best EXP farm is clearly TR. You can TR off 50mil exp with a relatively cheap set of gears. Druin has a few threads about TR gearing, so just look for that. The best Ubers/high mp farm is what your using atm. Your gears are probably low end at this point, but you should still handle mp9/10 fairly easy just cause of the ridiculous dps you get from snapshotting.

Your set on your innas so far, and your kinda stuck with your lacuni also. Your shoulders arent bad considering your HP lvl, and you cornered yourself spending 1/2 a fortune on your nat's ring. So honestly the only change I see you making with a 125mil budget is weapon(s).

If you really want to start gearing for post 1.07 with a regular set of gears, we're prolly talking about WKL/EF for high end dps, or skorn if you dont mind the speed. LS weapons are prolly still up the roof right now, but seeing how they are seriously nerfing RD, I bet you can get some good weapons that dont have LS for relatively cheap. We're not talking highend here, but a decent 880/6/24+socket WKL without LS shouldnt run you too much, and neither does a 1100+socket EF, or a 1400+socket Skorn without LS. All of those weapons will do fine post 1.07 as long as you avoid the RD shield and kite a bit.

As far as BIS items, 125 wont even afford one, so dont bother looking. If you have extra gold after upgrading weapons, you can prolly upgrade for higher dps ammy or gloves. Your hell bent on getting AS/CC with the snapshot build, but once you go regular, you can prolly substitue AS for CD instead. Your seriously craving in that area. Getting a rare ammy with say 9+CC/80+CD and some mainstats could boost your dps as long as you learn to live with out the LoH. Again, all this comes after upgrading weapons cause that balance dagger/shield build is pretty much garbage in another week or so.
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Sorry, I left my snapshot gear I switch into up on my profile (was carrying an ubers). The current gear I have is about right. I have 110k DPS with over 50k Health now. I guess now I really just need to upgrade my weapons/find a good vileward to significantly advance my dps...?
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why cheat? why gear swap cheese it?
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Can check my monk for gearing ideas. Overall, your monk isn't too bad. I would maybe suggest dumping the crit chance nats for one with a good average damage roll, I find my ring (picked it up for 10 mil) out damages most crit nats rings that don't have a good average damage roll. That way you can pick up extra defense/life leach/whatever on it, and have some extra gold for upgrades since yours will sell for quite a bit.

Amulet is missing some damage, if you could move LOH to your weapons, or split across weapon/ring and pick up a damage amulet (high avg damage 40+, 100+ dex, 9+ crit, 50-60+ crit damage) you should be able to pick up some damage there.

I've been upgrading pieces to more expensive ones recently (mainly weapons/pants), but from the looks of it you should be alright to withstand mp8 pretty decent, mp10 with groups. I used to do it with 2.9% life leach and 928 loh which is roughly what you have. Too lazy to add up your resists at work but 45k~ish hp and 650ish AR should be good enough, especially if you have another monk running time of need or a barb. The move to double LS weapons though really helps things out though, but it's pricey.

One thing for durability for higher mp's I found that helps is resolve. Combo strike doesn't do much good if you can't do damage.
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Wow, looks like you upgraded your gloves and nats ring! Any more of that 125m left after those buys?!
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Hey guys, I'm in a similar boat. Please advise how I can improve my gear.

I'm not loaded either and I'm having trouble finding places to make significant upgrades. I know I need to boost my HP. I have a high end amethyst that I stick in my helm when doing higher MPs. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.
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@DrPepperQuaf - it's probably best if you start a new thread with your request instead of hijacking someone else's thread. Posting a link to your profile would also be helpful.

But before you do, may I suggest you read this:

And take some time to go through this:

Be warned... we are at a time in this great monk community where many folks are tired of answering these types of questions (as it has been answered many times) and may be openly hostile to people who haven't at least put some kind of critical thought applied to their situation.
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I used to enjoy GIVING the advice - but now I'm so scared of 'messing up' when equiptment becomes so gosh darn expensive! Thanks for the help guys!

And I got those gloves for [selling] my wizard LOL
So about 150 mil but I think it was worth it

Nats ring was 80 mil I think, and I got a sweet TWH for 50
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And sorry for the changes in my profile: I have like 4 different sets of gear depending on what I am doing (Skorn TR build, Snapshot build, 'Legit' builds and then changes for ubers etc).

What I have left up now is my 'Legit' Monk build that is my core focus of gear that I am trying to build my monk around. I think I just have to replace my offhand with an EF with a socket and LS, and just look fo dex increases on my bracers (crit too), chest shoulders and boots. After that I may not be top tier but I'll be pretty durn solid :)

@ Muckery

def good advice - I really cant afford missing out on pure damage neck just for the defense/LoH
Hopefully a crit/as/LoH hellfire ring will show up but I swear I'm cursed with bad Hellfire rings @___@
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