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retired wd need advice for paragon lvling

As title above, im hype on the upcoming pvp stuff and decide to level my wd to paragon 100. currently at 64. this is link to my char:


basically i do mp1-2 with bear+firebomb build on alkaizer route. currently using manajuma set/zuni with hellfire and signet. i do about 60m xp in 1 hour. just wondering if i should find a decent ToTd and use cain set+acid rain on mp0 is better for paragon xp?
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you might find something useful in my guide I got too bored to finish.

also with the release of the marki ruby this method of farming will only become better. you should be able to achieve 100% one shot on mp4. enabling 100mil xp/h without cains set
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gear up dps and MF and farm till the patch comes out.

patch notes 1.07 PTR:
The experience bonus rewarded for killing monsters on Monster Power levels 1-10 in Inferno has been increased:
•MP 1: 25% (up from 10%)
•MP 2: 50% (up from 20%)
•MP 3: 80% (up from 30%)
•MP 4: 120%(up from 45%)
•MP 5: 165% (up from 60%)
•MP 6: 215% (up from 75%)
•MP 7: 275% (up from 95%)
•MP 8: 340% (up from 115%)
•MP 9: 420% (up from 135%
•MP 10: 510% (up from 160%)
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watch and learn from Chuck Norris
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pretty easy just use pestilence and run through zones

but I like actually playing the game and seeing what drops
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thanks for the reply guys. i did read and watch chuck post about this. tried the build with a few tweaks. increase my xp from 60m to 70ish per hour. cant get up to 100m. i guess its my sucky gear and the build need some kind of training to save casting time.

on the notes, i will try pestilence next.
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Chuck knows his stuff. Definitely pick up a Maximus Enchantress like he did, the demon is great at helping your Garg clear out the riffraff behind you.

You mentioned Acid Rain, and it is a fun alternative if you get bored. The strength of Acid Rain is hitting from range, allowing you to take a more central path through each area with as little backtracking as possible. Requires a Skorn for best results though.

Play around with Angry Chicken too. For some reason, it generally yields better xp/hr than Stalker for me. I think it's because the movement speed bonus on both skills sometimes bugs out (like when you are switching zones) so Stalker sometimes does nothing whereas Chicken at least provides some damage.
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