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Need a Level 2 Customer Support

I have NOT been paid for a sale in the RMAH since 11/2/12!

Minutes after I submit a reopened ticket it is marked as answered simply because it's been referred to another department...and then 10 days later it's marked as resolved even though no action has been taken by the OTHER DEPARTMENT!

This has gone on repeatedly...I have no way to communicate with this "other department" AND THEY HAVE BEEN IGNORING THE REQUEST FOR MONTHS!!!!

IS THERE A LEVEL 2 OR 3 OR 20 "support" available in situation like this?

This is VERY EASY for someone to check IF THEY REALLY WANTED TO!!!!

All transactions from 7/14 through 12/10/12 went to my BattleNet account (since 12/14 they all go to PayPal)

During that time there were 30 transactions totaling $83.58
My account shows a current balance of $81.46
The DIFFERENCE is $2.12 which is the amount of the 11/2 transaction in question.
(BTW...there are MORE THAN ONE transactions for $2.12!)

It should NOT take Blizzard OVER 2 MONTHS to see THEIR error!

It should take less than 15 minutes to:
1 - Add up all my sales from 7/14 through 12/10/12
2 - Subtract all my purchases from 7/14 through 12/10/12
(BTW: AGAIN!!! steps 1 AND 2 are a TOTAL of ONLY 30 transactions!)

Is someone there smart enough to do that?

I trust this is NOW ENOUGH to credit me what is do me...!
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Good luck! You should have seen the responses I got from submitting tickets to this company, about the same exact issue. Even after being a supporter of their titles since Blizzard's inception, I was asked to produce all kinds of information, in a run-around attempt to distract me, while the last response I get from Blizzard after explaining that my legal council will be following this issue is (VERBATIM):

"I'm sorry but the only information we are cirrently (sp) given, is that we are working on the issue."

I've saved all responses from Blizzard like this...

I don't even want to get into what my lawyers have told me thus far, and what the results could infer, but there are a lot more of us out there with this issue than we even want to know about. The real question is, where does all of that money go?
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There is absolutely nothing the QA team can do about your transaction. You're wasting your time posting in the bug report forum. The ticket system is the correct avenue for getting these issues resolved.

However, you can try the technical support forum ( http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/5386227/ ). They won't be able to resolve your issue directly, but they may be able to get the ticket team to do their job.
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The Forum Support Agents here in Tech Support are not supervisors and are not in charge of the GM/Ticket folks, the QA team, or the game designers. The job they are assigned is to help get the game installed and running on the user's PC. They can not "get the ticket team to do their job".

So, while we all know this is a frustrating issue, please understand that Tech Support does not deal with Auction house issues or tickets so you are not going to get results here.
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