There seems to be allot of waiting, for that amazing thing to come. But it never happens. Like a actress, who works as a waiter, in Hollywood. She tells her friends that one day, she will be an amazing/famous actress. But it never happens. It seems like we are just waiting... and waiting... and waiting... and waiting... ONE DAY she will become a famous super star. But it never happens. She ends up being so old and ugly.

Get my point? GET TO IT. ACTION. 8 months already. EIGHT MONTHS SINCE DIABLO 3 WAS RELEASED. Where is the action? We need to see results. No more promises for a better future. It has to happen now. RIGHT NOW. Enough with the promises. Enough with the talk. Enough with wait. Results must be shown NOW. Enough with making us wait for the next patch. Then the patch after that.... and then the patch after that... and then the patch after that. Do the action now. RIGHT NOW. Stop with the broken future promises.

The above is just a polite point that I am trying to make. Thank you for reading, and good day.
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