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[Build] The Hero Knight

The Hero Knight

The Hero Knight build is by no means a top-tier build for the Monk but it IS a very nostalgic and fun build reminiscent of old-school RPGs while still remaining somewhat competent in high-end content.

Please bear with me as this is my first guide :)

The Idea behind the Hero Knight is to block, dodge and absorb everything while keeping yourself and your party alive by healing them and debuffing the enemy. Simple enough right? The gear priority is as follows:
Life Regen
Elemental Resistance

In that order.
One of the upsides of this build is its somewhat "cheap" to gear.

Now your Monk's main weapon is the 1-HANDER AND SHIELD.
This build is NOT for two-handers and anything else would ruin the feel, bonus points if your 1-hander is a double-edged sword. The shield also comes in handy with its tendency to out-right block a damage fully.

Now for the Build:

Crippling Wave-concussion: Crippling wave complements the theme of this build due to the animation's tendency to make a slashing/cutting motion as well as the very practical component of Concussion where it debuff's whatever enemy you hit having their attack damage reduced by 20% for 3 seconds.

Wave of Light -Empowered Wave: Every Hero is a force of light, this carries forward into the type of attacks he or she uses. Keeping with the hero theme, Wave of Light is the Hero Knight's Diablo-version of "Smite". The Hero's defining holy damage skill, it is also this build's only real way of hurting something really badly. Empowered Wave reduces the cost so that you can cast other things. It gives you more options and in the long run does as much damage as the other rune that increases the damage to 556% initial damage.

Serenity -Peaceful Repose: This is the Hero Knight's self-heal. In every old-school RPG, the Hero always has a self-heal spell and a basic attack spell. THIS is your self-heal spell. On a more practical note, you are IMMUNE to damage for 3 full diablo-seconds. TWICE the length of a runed DemonHunter Smokescreen. AND it breaks you out of snares. Very useful.

Breath of Heaven -Circle of life: Keeping with the theme of Light and healing, the Breath of Heaven does exactly that and is a viable option while Serenity is cooling down with the added benefit of healing a nearby teammate.

Cyclone Strike -Implosion: With its mediocre damage, Cyclone Strike with Implosion is simply there to reinforce your Tank status in the group. Since theres no real "AGGRO" system in Diablo 3, we resort to the next best thing. a PULL ability. Its also very useful to grab an enemy away from a squishy wizard. The Implosion is there to heighten its radius. In an old-school RPG, this skill would be the one that hits all the enemies on the screen at once.

Mantra of Healing -Time of Need: Your intrepid 8-bit adventurer must have a way to protect all his/her partymembers at once. Mantra of Healing does just that by buffing nearby party members so that they heal more health, keeping everyone alive longer. This is a boon to other melee classes who are slogging away at a boss or worse yet, an elite with Reflect. Time of Need also increases your resistances by 20%. Along with the 3second 900hpShield to your party from the time its first cast, this skill reinforces ANY build your partymembers may be running with in inferno by augmenting their Life Regen, a valuable and often ignored stat in the game.

Now for the Passive Skills:

This ability along with Crippling Wave will reduce an enemy's damage by 40% for roughly 2.5seconds.
Unless if those two effects dont stack, but I have no reason to believe they don't. 40% damage reduction..This will keep your party member alive and you tanking for even longer. And the best part? All you need to do is Primary-Attack the enemy, and with Crippling Wave's AoE hit, this becomes amazing in mobs AND elites alike.

Seize the Initiative and One with Everything:
I shouldnt have to explain why these two are a must-have. 50% of your dexterity converted to armor and 20% passive increase in resistance is too good to pass up.

If you are looking for the CLASSIC hero Knight in rpg's of olde, in many ways, the Monk is just that. He is your Sword and Shield class with the light spells that hurt the baddies and the heals to keep his or her party alive. No other class can match the style and feel of the hero knight like the Monk can. Should you ever feel nostalgic and catch yourself wondering, "Hmm, how would my old SNES savefile fair in today's generation of gaming?" Look no further. Blizzard has unknowingly given us two classes in one.
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i play the hero with my barb
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Nice, although I think you're stretching things a little too far by taking Resolve instead of Guiding Light in group play. The Hero Knight is supposed to inspire his comrades! Guiding Light does this; Resolve does not. Your primary attack already reduces damage. Why not explore another aspect of the hero? :)

I'm curious about whether you change Cyclone Strike during solo play.
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Cool. It's definitely fun to put together themed builds and take a break from the most-efficient cookie cutter build from time to time.

I like Vrkhyz's suggestion about guiding light.

Also, consider changing Peaceful Repose to Tranquility. Tranquility can help your party members out of a tough spot by breaking freeze/stun for them.
Peaceful repose helps only you - which is less heroic :)
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Yes I use Cyclone Strike in Solo Play. It drags all the mobs in a neat little circle around me where my primary-attack debuffs them easier.

The Passives I admit arent as thematic as the rest of the build, I chose those passives to retain competence in harder difficulties. BUT if you want passives that match more with the theme and are willing to sacrifice some survivability, choose:
Exalted Soul
Beacon of Ytar
and yes, Guiding Light.

With Exalted Soul, you can spam your Smite ability even more, Beacon of Ytar reduces cooldown while Guiding Light buffs other players.

Tranquility is definitely a good alternative to Peaceful Repose. Personally I feel the self-heal is more reminiscent of my old Dragonquest Savefile but you can pick and choose either.
I just wish the Breathe of Life skill had a larger AoE....
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