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making D3 current system rewarding and choice bound

I have created this thread keeping some points in mind mentioned below -

1. D3 skill & rune system cannot be completely overhauled.
2. D2 & D2 LOD systems are different from D3 whether we like it or not.
3. D2 skill & stat systems have near to zero chance of coming back in D3.
4. Itemization still requires lots of improvement!
5. More maps and random levels are required.
6. I have little ideas about PvP and how they work or worked in D2 (mostly played offline. :( )
7. D3 devs & CMs may never read this.
8. AH & RMAH are here to stay whether we like it or not.
9. Many may not like the ideas. Some may like. I can get reported or ignored or can be called "hater" or "Fanboy".

Nonetheless, i am going to share some thoughts -

D3 has combination of both world - unique ideas and poor implementation, Flexibility as opposed to lack of end game/ decision making etc. Many people have left the game as opposed to many still playing and enjoying.

The reason I am writing this ideas is to give my thoughts on 2 important aspects of the game -

1. End game achievement/reward where you will feel it was worth the time completing and reaching Maximum state (PLvl 100 in any Mp) playing any character.

2. Playing with all characters and if possible reroll them till you reach your maximum limit of 10 character set by Blizzard.

I have not yet explored every corner of the game and also not totally aware of all types of system limitation, so if any readers find any mistakes please excuse my ignorance regarding those facts.

After seeing people completing Cap level 60 in no time, Blizzard implemented Paragon Level upto 100 to give a meaning of further progression along with some stat bonus. Many players have already reached PLvl 100, some are trying. I have seen many players quit after that and also post complaints regarding how unrewarding it was. Then again many players have started playing with Alt characters. but a few facts were common to all of them -

1. All characters are nearly identical. (in case of base stats and gears)
2. There is no means of choice or further exploration or very less incentive to roll another of the same character.

for those above mentioned reasons I thought of some ideas that may benefit all players -

When a character reaches Paragon Level 50, it will have a choice to select a defensive passive permanently from 6 options: (numeric are just represented as ideas)

1. 25% bonus to overall armor.
2. 25% bonus to All Res.
3. 25% bonus to dodge chance.
4. +25% Life.
5. Regenerate 250 Life per second.
6. Regenerate x amount of resource (character based) per second.

that means, when a character reaches Paragon Level 30 and can choose something that gives him an instant boost to his defensive ability along with three benefits -

a) he can now gear accordingly.
b) he can attempt higher Mp for more benefits and challenges than he did before.
c) he can use other characters to lvl upto 30 to gain whatever bonus that fits it.

When a character reaches Paragon Level 60, it will have a choice to select a Offense passive permanently from 6 options: (numeric are just represented as ideas)

1. 15% chance to slow. (+10% increase to lighting damage)
2. 15% chance to bleed. (+10% increase to physical damage)
3. 15% chance to freeze. (+10% increase to cold damage)
4. 15% chance to burn. (+10% increase to fire damage)
5. 15% chance to fear. (+10% increase to poison damage)
6. 15% chance to charm.
(+10% increase to Holy damage)

Now, this is where player can be more selective of his skill. For example , a wizard using cold attacks would certainly benefit from option 3, but with fire attacks will prefer option 4. These also creates a chance to roll another character to test out a different build that benefits from those passives. This choice provides more fun and build diversity as well, like Barb freezing enemies and crushing them

When a character reaches Paragon Level 90, it will have a choice to select a group passive permanently from 6 options: (numeric are just represented as ideas)

1. Reduces duration of control impairing effects by 10% for player and party.
2. Reduces damage from melee attacks by 10% for player and party.
3. Reduces damage from ranged attacks by 10% for player and party.
4. Reduces damage from elites by 10% for player and party.
5. Reduce cooldowns by 10% for player and party.
6. Reflects 10% damage received.

Now, think of a group of 4 player having 4 different passives…..even Mp 10 elites are going to !@#$ themselves. The major benefit will be for lower level characters in a group play when they are being accompanied by a paragon level 90 player. Every plvl 90 player will have his unique identity and feeling in a group.

When a character reaches Paragon Level 100, it will have a choice to select a champions passive permanently from 6 options: (numeric are jus represented as ideas)
1. 15% chance to summon a Treasure goblin when attacking enemy.
2. 10% reduction to repairing cost. (effective for all character on the account)
3. 10% reduction to crafting and jewelry cost. (effective for all character on the account)
4. 15% chance to summon your reflection for 5 seconds when attacking.
5. 15% chance to summon two savage beasts to fight for you for 5second when attacking enemy.
6. 15% chance to summon two thrails to fight for you for 5second when attacking enemy.

I believe these options are already built within d3 and quite possible to implement., though it is understandable that it will require quite a hard work and time. But, this will give players incentive to play further whether single or in groups and progress further through game and provide a sense of choice in the end as well which may lead them to roll another character. For example think about a player having 10 character in paragon level 100 with each having 10% reduced repairing cost that is total of 100% reduced repairing cost that means all of them have no repairing cost at all, which should be rewarded to players who committed their time (for some $) to take all their character to maximum level. Yet they will find some stats or options missing or will want to try them out. It may not be like other d2 or other typical ARPG sytem but a whole new definition of entertainment choice altogether whilst keeping the original skill/rune flexibility intact.

I have enjoyed D3 in spite of its shortcomings and would like to continue to do so.

Thanks to all for your time.
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Saw your comment on one of my responses to a post and followed your link here. Good ideas in terms of character diversity - would actually make it viable to have multiple heroes of the same class. I have to say that I play D3 on a daily basis so I am not one to say that game sucks...but it is definately short of its potential. With ideas like this and some other common sense ideas that have been floating around, this could be an epic game. All games have an end and D3 is no exception - it will dry out for some.

However, i do believe that the developers have helped it out with the MP and PL system, 1.07 should show some more improvement - and your suggestions could be potentially implemented without much re-coding. Although I would love to see a skill ladder system instead of the basic runes.

Good ideas in concept and the percentages and mile-stones would need to be worked out a bit more, but overall a good suggestion.
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They take the weekends off, do you really think this game is going to get any better? they take the weekend off... ON A VIDEO GAME. Everyone... EVERY STAFF MEMBER.
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