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Plz help me Improve my CM wiz

Hi fellow D3 players,

So after some time off, I got the itch to start playing again recently. Especially with the new patch coming out.

So my recent purchase was my source and my wand. I think I might have overpaid for my source, but hey, whatever. And got my wand for pretty cheap.

Would anyone have any advice on what I should upgrade next? I'm really thinking of buying Zuni boots for a big boost in dps.

I have been reading recently on the forums, and I see attack speed is huge now a days. And it seems like I have a little too much health. I have currently 35 mill to spend on upgrades. Any ideas on which items I should upgrade or maybe if I should change my spells or passives? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Happy hunting! :)
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oh wow a nonchant cm/ww.

you could use more cc, op.

your vit is pretty solid at 48k, some may even suggest dropping your vit for more armor/all resist/etc etc but i say it's good. your armor could also use some improvement. try getting a 200+ str 200+ int for your vileward, they're cheap now (less than 30m iirc)
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Hey Pichapiegal! Thank you for your post!

I guess it was kinda dumb not to go to the set wand/source set you are mentioning. But at the time, I really didn't know how freaking awesome it was. But, I feel pretty confident in my wand/source piece now. They are pretty good no?

I know my cc says its at 48%, but with my buffs (deep freeze and force armor) my cc gets to about 65%

And, if it is ok for me to ask, why would I need 200 str as a wiz?

Yea, I'm still learning :p
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STR=armor. Just a little trick us wizards use to get armor up. Easier to find +STR than +Armor on alot of items.
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You can also check out my CM/SNS wiz guide. It'll give you some ideas of where to go if you want to try the CM/WW/freeze thing. And grind your teeth as you try to stack CC/IAS everywhere conceivable....

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Thank you guys for the help!! I def never know the STR trick, that is freaking awesome to know!!

And thank you for the link PieHole, I will def be reading up on that thread.

Any other suggestions, I'd be more than happy to listen to :)
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Quick question guys.

Since I have a black weapon, would zuni boots add the poison damage on top of my tal rasha set (2 pieces)? Or would it not add on to that damage.

I'm wondering, because I see that a lot of people are using either ice climbers, zunis, or natalays paints.
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I believe that the damage % would add if using a black weapon.

People use Ice climbers for the huge EHP boost. Nats boots are used to complete the set bonus with the ring (+7%CC). Zuni boots are usually used to complete the 2 or 3 set (for INT and All res bonus). I dont know how many people are using them for the elemental damage bonus. Certainly not for CM wiz.
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PieHole, thanks again for your post.

Well, I know I'm a noob and I'm dealing with the pros here. Call me crazy but...

Since I'm using a black weapon, and I have the tal rasha chest AND tal rasha source, I figured, wouldn't it be pretty cool to throw in some zuni boots and add even more elemental?

But, I have reviewed your thread, and I changed my passives/skills to reflect what you suggested (although, I have been using your alternative spells/skills since I started the CM build) And using your recommendation of spells, it is safe to say I def need to have more AR and armor. Shocking aspect is freaking killer :p
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Wow, reading these forums... I really wish I would have read all this info before I started decked out 50 mill
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Yeah, SA is remarkable. Its not quite twice as much damage...but its close. I can tell immediately when its timed out and I forgot to refresh it. It's usually just before I'm about to die, and I'm going to be hit simultaneously about 19 of those stupid energy balls that 5 succubusses are firing at me and I'm wondering why they haven't died yet. Oh, forgot to refresh SA.

You wouldn't think that running a freeze build would require so much armor and resists...I mean, they're frozen, right?! But you position yourself right in the middle of the enemies....and, as Aimless (I think) said, "you have to be able to take the pain, before you can bring the pain." And its so true. And alot of the time, its more like, "taking the pain as you dish out the pain" because you're doing it while standing in molten, or in the middle of a fire chain, or something like that.
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