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Intel is ending desktop PC mobo development...

Um... Maybe this is a more general blizzard question, or perhaps an industry-wide question, but...


...how does this bode for current and future Blizzard titles? Will they jump ship to consoles? Or skip right to the smartphone/tablet platform, where everyone else seems to be heading?

I don't think you've understood that announcement clearly, "Intel" as a company will be dropping their own manufacturing of mobo's for desktops.

To begin with, not once did i recall using any manufactured boards by Intel except on rare occasions on some laptops and some desktop servers.

Manufacturing of these boards are best left to companies like Asus and MSI anyway, that's what most of us would prefer on our desktops and laptops.

Intel has no market with boards that only server rooms use, which is in fact a vast minority. They are saving a great deal of money n making this move by removing unwanted manufacturing machinery and manpower that do not yield a substantial net return of investment.

Funds are better allocated to other umbrella's of the company such as processor manufacturing, processor to video processing integration (currently being adapted to the new generation of ivy bridge), and the development of haswell to broadwell.

-IT business perspective. ZRaiyne
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Way to jump to conclusions. They're not ending motherboard-based design, they're just making a foray into integrated systems ala Atom. They don't even produce many motherboards themselves, that job has been left to third parties for quite some time now.

Reading comprehension is a very important skill, people. Lack it, and you'll end up looking like OP.
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I think it is quite possible that the traditional desktop PC will go away. With advances in storage density, reduction in power consumption / performance ratios, etc the super tablet will become a reality in a few more years.

You will have an ultra-mobile device with tablet features, and some type of docking ability so you can use larger monitors, real keyboards, mice, etc. It will be an interesting thing to watch.
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Desktops will get smaller, more efficient....... but there will always be some kind of home based stationary computing unit!
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Intel leaving the motherboard market isnt really going to hurt as pretty much every motherboard manufacture out there makes boards for intel themselves. Tbh im surprised they did not do this sooner. As far as people saying Desktops are dead and people will move to tablet based? Hogwash there will always be some form of pure desktop computing. Sorry I would not see anyone trying to build any type of program on something as small as a tablet. Even with a keyboard. Not to mention Servers and build systems. Will desktops change sure. Will they die not really. Actually i see them getting more powerfull. Eg Holo deck anyone lol. Actually i forsee projected 3d computing here soon. Virtual keyboard and or projected displays in 3d. Something that would be hard pressed to do on a mobile device.
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With platforms like the Rasberry Pi, I can finally see the age of the desktop coming to an end.

Sure the Pi isn't a strong item, but considering it is about the size of a credit card, it has some pretty impressive computing power, more then enough for your average web browser/facebooker and media server.

I doubt pc gaming will be dead. A lot of people have already made the change to laptops, and soon I suspect we'll carry our computers around in a shirt pocket.



^ = future
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good intel mobos are fuggin terrible anyways. buggy garbage if you ask me. they should stick to making their overpriced processors. other mobos manufacturers do it much better.
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