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Hello fellow barbarians. It has come to my attention that people charge 2-3mil for a mp10 uber carry when you bring 3 machines. Well, I am willing to do this for you free of charge. Why I am doing this

1) Helping newer players and myself get a guaranteed hellfire ring is enough of a payment for me

2) Farming keys has becomes very old. I'd rather take on the challenge of carrying someone through the uber fight. So I don't care about gold, just in it for the fun.


I won't ask you do die right away and wait in the game menus (which removes the +70% monster health for each additional player in game) while the uber fight lasts, unless you really wan't to shave a couple minutes off the entire run.

The whole run (getting 5nv stacks and killing all 3 ubers) lasts 15-20 minutes. I invite one or two of my well geared friends and the run is a breeze.

Oh and about those players who charge 5-6mil for a run where they provide the machines for you. Yeah I totally get that. it gets really boring to farm keys after 100 key runs or so. So no hate for anyone.

AVAILABLE 8PM-12AM EST WORKDAYS, varies on weekends.

hit me up in game @


EDIT: due to heavy demand for this service I have started enlisting other players who offer to help with uber boss runs for free. Currently there are two of them that can be reached @


If you happen to run with one of them please provide feedback here. And of course i will be around doing runs as well, 8PM-12PM EST
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will you be able to carry me UBER MP10?
I have been trying my own at MP4 for awhile, but had no luck finding organs. It will be great if you can help me to get that ring.

BTW, I have 6 machines ready to go.

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Great guy, fast and easy carry for MP10 Uber. Will do this again after I get more machines.

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Fury just carried me for MP10 UBER and helped me to FINALLY get my 1st AND 2nd Hellfire rings.

Really fast, smooth, and easy MP10 UBER runs and Fury is the nicest and the most polite person I ever met playing diablo!!

Thank you so much once again for all your help and advices.
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Forgot to upload the rings Fury helped me to make!!
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Thank you for the run! You are a great guy and I hope to play again with you soon!
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Awesome fast runs! Thanks again.
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My pleasure to run with you all. Thanks for the positive feedback
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Just sent you invite in game. Would love some help getting my hellfire ring!
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I just came back to D3 about a week ago and I keep hearing/reading about hellfire rings. What are they and how do you get them?
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01/24/2013 04:14 PMPosted by eviL
I just came back to D3 about a week ago and I keep hearing/reading about hellfire rings. What are they and how do you get them?

This is a nice summary

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Just logged into the game (had to work a little later tonight). Please message me in game when you are ready for a run. Had quite a few friend requests pending so remember this is on first come first serve basis. Hopefully I can help all who contact me.

Happy running
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Just finished a run with Fury, went well. Got a decent ring from it too lol.
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Hey Fuey, just added ya in game, I'm really looking forward to it^^
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im keen for that.. i currently have 6machines :)

friend request sent Mr Fury my good man..
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Very fast run, thanks
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Just finished a run. Was super fast super and easy.. So happy to get this done I'd gladly pay him though he doesn't charge a dime, thought tips are welcome!! Super swell guy. So excited I saw this thread.

Thanks again!
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Hello fello warriors from Sanctuary,

First of all I want to thank you for your kind words.

Second, I feel obliged to thank and highly recommend Uberjager's (with lots of help from Wayneold) thread on barb gearing, which can be accessed here:


It got me from farming mp7 to mp10 in less than a month!!! This is no joke, this thread contains information that will help you with your gear, build and free advice for efficient gearing for basically all budget ranges (seriously, the guy built a barb with 1m budget that could kill mp10 elites). Highly recommended read.

Thirdly, the volume of requests for help with uber runs (and my friends list) has exploded over the past two days to the point that I couldn't help half the people who friended me in game today. So if there are experienced well-geared barbs reading this, please


If you can solo mp10 ubers no problem, what else is left to do in the game anyway (at least until PvP is released, which I don't find fun to do for more than an hour anyway)? Helping others is a great way to challenge yourself, help them get a Hellfire ring, oh and you get a ring for free!

Lastly, I want to reiterate that this is a FREE SERVICE (I have a job that pays me a decent amount more than the 6-9mil per hour, which is about $0.50/hour, that some players are charging) . First come, first sever in game. This is my way of giving back to the community, if you can call it that since I am having tons of fun in the process.

That's all I wanted to share for now. Happy ubering!

P.S. I will be back for more runs tomorrow night at around 9PM, and I will be able to do more runs since it is a weekend night.
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Hey, @Fury. Thanks for offering this service. I have 12 machines to spare and wish to run in a group. Since most of my frens have left the game an with my current gear, I can't solo on my own. Thus will really be great if I can join your group for uber fights. Do add me in @imgaryc#1413 and hope to do some run with you at est 9pm.
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Hey Fury, thanks for opening this thread, I would like to help out anyone who has not been offered the service yet, it's ofcourse free though it will cost you 3 machines, I am not as good as OP but it's still possible for me to carry you through the run and I also have many friends who would help out too, so if you need the run, just add me BlackCloud#1597
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