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Hey I just added you Fury. I have 3 machines and would love to have a run. My account is TheSongster#1701
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Added you got a friend with 3 machines as well as my 3. My id is Smiley#1560
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Available for a run right now. First in game message gets it
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Just did a run with Fury. All I can say is AWESOME!! Super quick and very efficient. Will ask for Fury's assistance in the future.
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Did a run with Fury and his friend to carry two of us. He's really awesome. Especially when getting the first 5 stacks. Super efficient as he already found and worn them down. Finally got my first ring after so long!
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Hey man, just added you and BlackCloud. Hopefully you guys will have time to help me out!
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When I try to use a skill and my barbarian says "I need fury." I can't help but think that it's the game mocking me because I need to have Fury carry me through these boss fights.

Another run yesterday, another ring that I wouldn't otherwise have gotten. As always, Fury had the elite packs set up and waiting for an easy run. This run did take a bit longer because of a disconnect during an uber fight on a double carry; but that was out of Fury's control and seems to be the level of mishap that it takes to make things go other than perfectly. It also illustrated how much of a carry this run actually was.

This makes five rings for me now and I think I'd probably have one or maybe two if I had to do the fights on my own (MP5 or so). That's a lot of time saved and fun had while running in a good group. Thanks Fury!
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Hey ya all,

Thanks for running with me, it's been lots of fun.

Since patch release I've been doing fewer runs, spending half my time farming demonic essence. When all my gems are upgraded to Marquise and I roll a good ammy i'll be able to do more runs, so this is only temporary. I've still been able to fulfill more than half of all requests for a run so don't give up on me.

Also finally rolled all those Hellfire rings you all helped me farm. 97 rolls and 0 upgrades. So don't feel too bad if your first ring isn't perfect :D

Happy running
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did another run tonight, thanks again.
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Fury just carried me for my first Hellfire ring. Quick and easy run and very nice person!
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Can I request for assistance for uber carry? I have 3 infernal machines :D

Battle Tag ID : jello9#1340
Edited by jello9#1340 on 2/18/2013 5:00 PM PST
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I did a run last night with Fury-- Awesome again. I will do runs with this guy any time.
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Up for a run or two right now. Message me in game.

Also had to clean up friend list again. If you were one of the removed it's because you were offline the longest. Add me again if you'd like to run with me.

See ya all soon :D
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add me please for MP10 Ubers
have 12 IMS
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Thanks for the run Fury! Got my first hellfire ring :)
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I'd be happy to help out with this if one of your other friends isn't around. Feel free to add me. I'm around most evenings during the time you have posted.
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Is anyone on to do the run?
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best party run in long time
btw not pushing but got 9 more IMS
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I added all 3. I have three machines 2 from me and 1 from a friend.
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Just added all 3.
I have 3 machines.
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