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New WD, how to deal with RD?

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I just finished leveling my WD and buying some pretty basic gear for her. I did a few alkaizer runs on MP0 and it went pretty smooth, I'm liking this acid rain build. I did have one big problem, though: elites with RD would just eat my lunch. After looking at some guides to this build nothing was ever mentioned about life on hit or life steal, but I really can't do much after I use spirit walk.

Are you supposed to have some life on hit/life steal for this build? I'm not looking to do anything more than run MP0/MP1 but I currently just have to skip RD packs.
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Bro, you need LoH/LS for EVERY build.

In your situation, with low-ish dps and an AC build, LoH is the way to go. Get it on your ammy, weapon or rings. In your case, I'd be looking at something to replace the Hellfire, and a set of Blackthorne's pants. Decent Blacks can be had for a couple of mil.

Changing the Hellfire may seem contentious, but I'm not a fan of it unless you get some pretty awesome rolls on it, which yours doesn't. The whole concept of gimping yourself to get 'bonus XP' so you can get to the next number quicker just seems silly. Find a ring with Int, CC, CD and LoH, and you'll not only be smashing through content 35% faster anyway, you'll actually have fun and not die.
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try out your Barb's Mace as a weapon (black damage!) not the Echoing Fury one...
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Dealing with Reflect Damage seems to be mega easy with my build. I pop spirit walk then right after pop soul harvest with vengeful spirit for more dmg and by that time their hp is low enough to just throw some zombie bears at them. If their hp is not low enough i recommend spiders because they do low enough damage to not kill you and proc very good for LoH.
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luck for you bigTexasDan, there is a nerf coming to reflect in the next patch (so probably by next tuesday)

however, Jeramy's technique is a proven way to deal with it...but you need LOH to do this. Max LOH on your weapon (i.e., 3%)
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