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Operating System Does Not Meet Minimum Requir

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What is this all about? I play D3, I've participated in the fist PTR, why can't I install this one?

Keeps saying, Your Operating System Does Not Meet Minimum Requirements, then only allows me to close it.

Anyone find fix for this?

Running Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit Service Pack 1
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win7 adminstrative rights?
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I had a friend with a laptop throw this same error message while trying to install. I copied the entire diablo 3 public test folder from my machine to his, and then he was able to start just fine. Looks like the launcher only runs that check when installing and not when launching the game. If you have another machine it works on, you can try that.
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I myself am not sure why you are getting this message, especially since you're already playing main D3. My suggestion which might help will be click on the tools, then click repair. After that, try again. In my opinion, if you're already playing the main D3, then the PTR should not be stating that your system is running below their requirements.

It could also be your graphics and audio driver as well that might be registering an error with your PTR, just double check for any possible updates for those as well just in case. It could possibly be that the PTR is looking for higher comp stats that the main D3 just brushes off.

I have not gotten the message and I'm running Win 7 pro 64 bit system pack 1, with a 3.6ghz processor, 32gb DDR3 ram, GE Force 4300 graphics card.

I wish you luck and hope that the quick fix helps you, and/or Blizzard responds to your ticket.
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The Tool Menu with the Repair is on the launcher. Best not disable your internet protection stuff though, your firewall and antivirus.

Have you tried uninstalling it, and then re-dl'ing the PTR from the site. I know when my PTR was not updating, re-dl'ing it finally worked for me. Try finding the tool menu with repair option in the launcher first and see if that helps.
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Ok man i got you, I had the same problem.. use window xp service pack 3 and that should take care of your troubles.. Good luck!
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same prob here i cant install PTR

"your Operating System Does Not Meet Minimum Requirements"
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Sorry that your PTR could not work for you. I'm crossing my fingers for you that you're able to get it up and running soon, and I'm fresh out of ideas on what else you could try. Hopefully a Blue can post to help you, or a Blizzard Tech finally responds to your ticket. Good Luck.
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