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Why so many DC's for WW?!?

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It's getting pretty out of control. Random disconnects as soon as you go from sprint to WWing.
Is there no fix for this? I have not seen anything from a "Blue" regarding this.
Its not my internet, ive tried it at work with very good internet, and at home. Same thing.
Its not my computer, so what is it?
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Happens more when you are low on fury
Happens more when you sprint INTO an enemy and then hit ww.
The server signal strength thing on the toolbar does not show a weak signal.
Windowed mode still does it, though I have not tested it to see if its any better or not.
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- Technical Support
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I can certainly understand why you are angry about this! You seem to have some good insight into some of the possible triggers for it though.

The folks who fix bugs are the QA department who can be reached through the Bug Report forums. This forum is just to get the game working on user's PCs. The forum support agents here are not part of the QA department so can't do anything with the info you are giving. Heck, they don't even get told when bug fixes are going to happen or anything else about them. Probably why you are not getting a response from one here - they simply don't have any info to tell you.

So anyway, head over to Bug Reports so the QA folks see what you have to say and hopefully can use it to fix this!
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This used to happen to me all the time months ago. With the reduced whirlwind fury cost though it hasn't happened to me in months. It basically occurs when you're degenerating fury and you WW right as you lose enough fury to WW. The server then goes "cannot compute" and drops you from the game. Easiest way to remedy this is a few ways.

1.) Don't WW when you only have 10% or less rage.

2.) Use 5 IK set, you'll never degenerate fury.

3.) Unforgiving passive, you'll never degenerate fury.
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Thx Misscheetah :)

Yeah Parsons, I don't have this problem at higher MPs, only when im one shotting mobs in lower ones. All those suggestions do make it alot better, but it still shouldn't be that way. Or maybe it was designed to be that way IDK :) Thanks, moving this to the bug forum.
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heh I came here to see if I was the only one having the problem. Yep ..farming MP10 I tend to get DC'd when I have 5 stacks of valor and there are 20 rares on the ground .. it is really pissing me off
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