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Runewords will make this game better

01/21/2013 03:24 PMPosted by BadtotheBone
Ruin words are not understood by all D3 players. That was the best part of the loot hunt in D2 LOD. I had a Godley barb lvl 99, with two ethereal breath of the dying bezerker axes. Look that up. What weapons, ruin words.

Oh man, I found a few Eth BotD zerkers when I played, the first runeword I remember finding was Engima!
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01/21/2013 03:17 PMPosted by callmeEarly
So, Should the runewords powerful than that? If not, the runeword lost ppl interests or not even the final target. They just become a gimmick. If the answer is yes, however, how much they should price? Should they simply be dropped in game? how rare? how would they affect the gem's price and the legendaries price? That's too complicated for them to decide against to the current D3 system they've implemented.

I think the right answer is that, as far as main stat on armor is concerned, they should fall just below (~50 stat points) set items on the low end, and just be just below the 1.07 crafted items' potential on the high end. You can't add gems to a runeword (its already socketed), so that'd come out to about 250 points on the low end, to about 400 points on the high end. That sounds about right. You don't want to add a whole new tier of items, just give people more choices. What would really set the different items apart, and perhaps make runewords better, is the other affixes you put around that main stat though, like the skill bonuses I suggested.

Oh and I think the drop rate should be low, like 5-10% on mp10 low, so that it's just high enough for you to find one every few games. Also, I always hated the D2 concept of "high runes". In all my years of D2, I only found one, a Lo. I remember letting it sit in my stash for weeks, since it was the only legit high rune I knew I had. A lower but equal drop rate would be much nicer, with runes that you didn't have to combine to make higher ones.
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Crafting white items to orange items (with low- yet effective stats) to be used for the runewords would be huge. Perfect white items crafted to perfect orange stats crafted to high runeword stats would be such a good sink that people would strive for.
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i really hope they add runes and jewels and charms, more thins to look for instead of hunting for pointless drops
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Runewords would be hard to implement in a style like D2, since helms/weapons/shields only get 1 socket. With the way gems are designed right now, letting them roll with any more would be extremely overpowered (except maybe shields). Item runes would have to have a completely separate system from sockets (letting only white items roll more sockets wouldn't work, since you could still potentially offhand a 1h with something like 400% crit damage).
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I agree that 6 socket off-hands would be a concern...maybe they can institute a cap. Then again, I wonder just how much damage that would add in the end, since the white item itself would only do like 200 dps, dragging the overall total down.
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is this guy serious.... no runeswords in this game? Obviously a troll, the ilvl 63 swords are runeswords moron.
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