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Skorn users - my next upgrade?

just wondering what will get me the most bang for the buck in terms of dps increase and life increase. Thanks.
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In case you didn't know, IAS does not increase your rend damage. So I would recommend crit damage over IAS.

Replace some of your IAS gear with critical damage gear. Even though your damage displayed may stay the same, your overall damage will actually go up because Rend now hit's harder.

I would recommend a 170 strength/60 vitality IK helm with 6% crit.

Replace your ring with a 5% crit chance and crit damage rather than IAS.

Get a yellow pair of pants with 100 strength/200 vitality/65 all resist/2 sockets. Then get a witching hour belt with high crit damage and strength.

Your Vile ward is not very good. A yellow shoulder with 250 strength/90 vit/65 resits all/life % would be better.

Drop the all resist from your lacunies and get 4% crit damage plus what ever other stats you can afford.
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Somewhat on topic (barely)- how important do you find rend resource reduction?
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I essentially agree with what Death has suggested.

Your HP is low so assuming you are talking about PvE you should think about using rend (Bloodlust) primarily as a way to heal yourself, which it appears you are doing, as opposed to a way of dealing out damage. With a Skorn you really should be using Hota as your primary way of dishing out damage. Therefore, while Zubenelakrab may be correct about IAS and rend damage, it doesn't really apply to your situation.

I believe IAS is very important for a Skorn user. The faster you swing the more chance you have to trigger your CC->CD to put out some serious damage. So while having more CC and CD is obviously a good idea don't just drop IAS.

I think your low HP is a problem. Get more Vit &/or life% from shoulders as Zubenelakrab suggested. Death is right about you needing LS so keep the Ik belt. You also should not get rid of your Inna pants as suggested. The isssue is that your boots have no movement speed so you need the movement the Inna's provide. However, you certainly can get a pair of Inna's with higher vitality.
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I essentially agree with what Death has suggested.

Your gear is incredible. Move over Death, I have a new idol, lol. j/k
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Awesome feedback guys- thanks!
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swap your ik belt for a wh and get some better rings skorn is ok as is but you can get a decent one with 300str/300 vit pretty cheap and your life is a little low for mp8+ and 3% lifesteal from bloodthirst passive is more than enough especially with rend
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Eh, not sure about some of this feedback.

Judging by your gear, your funds are on the more limited side of things. So, just copying lower priced versions of end game items doesn't usually make a good set.

I suggest you buy some solid rare pants and change to a solid rare shoulder. Look at using a cc/ias rare ring over the hellfire.

Essentially, you need to save up for a good IK chest. Normally you need a solid IK chest and better armor in general to really make inna pants work. You can hold on to yours for now for low MP WW farming, but you don't really need the 12% ms and ias for hammer spec.

If your Skorn had lifesteal, you could do what was suggested -- better inna, better shoulder. But without that huge lifesteal crutch, I think you are better served going with good quality rares (~5m pants) until you can save enough for a solid IK with more vit.
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IAS doesn't increase your rend damage or damage per ticks, but that does not mean you shouldn't be stacking IAS with a Skorn. In fact it's quite the opposite, get as much IAS gear as you can. IAS is very important to a Skorn user and you should be aiming to get to around 1.3 APS at least to make the weapon viable. Also whatever you do, do NOT get rid of your IK belt. You do not have a LS Skorn and you need as much LS as you can get.

Sorry but pretty much ignore almost everything posted above by Zubenelakrab.

As for your next upgrade, you are a little short on crit chance. I would suggest looking for Lacuni's with CC but you cannot afford to really drop too much AR at your damage level since you aren't getting as much return from LS to compensate for it. So look for Lacunis with just AR and CC don't worry too much about getting STR on them. Your HP at 36k is also rather low, you should be able to get some Inna's pants with higher vit relatively cheap or at the very least replace some of your strength gems with vitality gems to compensate.

Your build also needs some work as it's really not optimized for, well anything. Switch runes for WoTB to Thrive on Chaose, drop leap for sprint with run like the wind for mobility. And with a Skorn if you're not using HoTA, I'm sorry but you're just doing it wrong. Drop over power for HoTA.

holy balls thats a nice skorn
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I am not sure whats best for the current trend of Skorn users these days or my suggestion will be worthy enough due to my absence in this game for almost 3 months.'

However, back in those days, Skorn user who choose HoTA skill combo with WoTB thrive of chaos does indeed NEED ATTACK SPEED.

As for an old rend style like me, IAS is not a mandatory but a small IAS would be good in successful casting of Rend.

If you are looking for an upgrade, I suggest in replacing your current HellFire Ring with other ring since the only adds you get during combat is the STR and CC only. If you compare it to your other ring, the other one has far more advantage over your HellFire. So, I am suggesting you can try to find a better ring for your current HellFire.

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Hey man,

On gear:
1. The cheapest and best upgrade - your rare ring - id suggest getting some crc+crd+vit (and +life% if you r lucky)
2. Crit Lacunis are overpriced, so I suggest you stick to the ones you have, they r ok.
3. Your IK chest and Mempo are on the lower side, so one of suggestions would be replace them with rare chest (aim for 250+ str/vit and 70+ AR, 3 sockets) and IK helm - thus youll get more crit and maintain set bonus.
4. Try to take off your Innas pants XD)) And see if you even notice MS decrease. +24 MS is for WW/nado barbs.
5. And finally - your Skorn is cool, but it could be upgraded with similar one (1300+/- dps, 450+ str and 190+ crd), such skorns went for like 70+m on ah 1-2 months ago. Thats a big one, so if you see such skorn for reasonable price, check spreadsheet before buying to see how much dps you getting.

Your AR is fine, even too high id say, for pve, period. Could drop 1 AR item.
Your LS from belt+passive is enough.
Get your HP to near 50K, thus youll have some safety pillow for more relaxed playstyle.

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