If you are bored with your 0 dogtor, try this unusual build ;)
Warning: Things can get a little messy!

1. Skull Grasps + SOJ (-14 zombie dog cd, 7+7 or 6+8)
2. Homonculus (-20 cd)
3. Grin Reaper

1. GoTD (Unbreakable rune)
2. Soul harvest (Languish rune)
3. Horrify (any rune, I use +100% armour)

What to do:
1. Summon dogs and sacrifice to get the mimic out (summoning itself doesn't proc mimic)
2. Soul harvest + GoTD
3. Horrify the mob
4. Sacrifice to kill

When you cast GoTD, the mimic will often cast as well, so you often have 3 GoTD on the floor.
Horrify them after they are slowed, you have around 4 sec of damage free time to blast the dogs. As they are slowed, they are mostly in the range of the explosion damage.
The mimics are as good as pets as they distract the enemies and take hits away from you.