Diablo® III

path of exile=Bleh

Because D3 didn't need it?

Let's assume it did NEED it. It would have gotten a lot more than PoE could ever dream.

D3 NEEDs some players, that actually play the game instead of $ from donations or RMAH.

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01/23/2013 01:15 PMPosted by Elexar
I'm not a GGG accountant but they got 2.2m from PoE kickstarting so far. I've never heard of star citizen but it sounds better than diablo 3, hunt for RMAH.
Some Indie games were capable of getting that much in donations in a few months (for instance Planetary Annihilation raised >2.2mil USD in 1 month). It's a bad argument for or against a game's quality regardless.

I wasn't making an argument about game quality automatically. I should have specified that PoE has fan support and values that supersede a publisher or formal stakeholders. Read that another way, they, GGG, aren't going to add a RMAH or such simple mechanics to nurse bot account sales.
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D3 NEEDs some players, that actually play the game instead of $ from donations or RMAH.


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I bought the beta key to path of exile today, only played till level 6 and thought it was amazing, i fear diablo 3 will be a ghost town once it goes open beta.

The choices you have with your character, the gritty atmosphere gems, scrolls everything diablo 3 isn't. Im not knocking diablo 3 but i wont be coming back.
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I would agree with you. Im watching some of the people streaming gameplay and it just seems really lack lusture. Not sure what the hype is about.
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01/23/2013 12:07 PMPosted by IceQueen
so i bought the 10 dollar beta and ive started to play the game and i do admit that it is comparable to diablo 2..... but it lacks alot... the gameplay feels akward. They copied it exactly like diablo 2... the gems sysytem and abilities are very awesome but it still seems to lack something that diablo 3 has... half of the time i dont even know what im doing and the clutterness of everything is confusing at times... its a great idea but not as fun or game friendly as my diablo 3..... If only there was some way to mix a part of path of exile into the gameplay and graphics of diablo! i wish..... what are your thoughts?

you cant judge a game without beating it on normal dificulty first

also i am not sure what you mean by clutterness of everything ?
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OP, PoE is a lot more hands on & complicated than D3. Takes a while to understand the systems to any degree.

It's made for hardcore arpg players for the most part. It's not for everyone.

It's for posers who like to pretend they are hardcore.

I will give GGG props for one thing...they hooked a lot of suckers with that skill web that is 99%...

"adds 3 points to dex"


"adds 1% bow damage"
and d3 Hmm, lvl 1 to 60 , grind gear real hardcore, Hahahahahhahahaha, so hard to lvl that i almost cries..and same with gear..real hardcore to lvl 59 lvls and get some gear..Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot..building your own character is..idiot..
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I've played the Diablo series for years and years since I was an adolescent. I honestly cannot remember what my first experience or emotions were when I launched Diablo 3 for the first time.

Loading and creating a character in Path of Exile I was just going through the motions, but after about 30 minutes of playing I experienced the shivering chills of nostalgia for Diablo 2.

I would say that Path of Exile is everything in spirit to a Diablo 2 successor that could be rendered by a small indie start up from New Zealand. I highly recommend checking it out (for free). I have already purchased a support pack so they can continue to develop it.
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Played it today for a few hours, and was in a free weekend a few months back. It's good, but Diablo 3 is far superior in my opinion. The look and feel of Diablo 3 just feels more "right" to me. It's not because I liked "streamlined/mainstream gaming". I wanted to say this in the chat with every player going "This is better than D3, D3 sucks!11!!!". but I'd get swarmed for defending D3, I know.

But this only shows Blizz makes games that everyone knows about and has played, and that every game in that genre is then compared to it, be it good or bad, like how every MMO always has those in chat saying "This is better than WoW" and whatnot, same with D3 with every new ARPG.
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PoE = D2, which is cool and all, but D2 wasn't that fantastic, when you think about it, I for one don't really want another D2 in 2013, If that kept the same concept as D2 and advanced with it, that be awesome but since everything seems pretty much the same, it sucks, I could just play D2 in that case, the graphics are the same, map is the same (can't see sh*t like in D2) only good thing about PoE is the characters and story, sorta.
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There's a story? I haven't had one trace of story, and the characters (both PC and NPC) are very boring and I don't really care about dialogue options, unlike D3 where every playthrough I listen to the dialogue, because the characters are much more interesting, like Haedrig or Lyndon. The character designs are also kinda meh... You can hardly tell what class the person is playing as, they all look the same, except the Marauder, since he's the tallest and has a darker skin tone. But I can't see the difference between someone playing as a Templar or Shadow.
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01/23/2013 03:10 PMPosted by okComputer
I would agree with you. Im watching some of the people streaming gameplay and it just seems really lack lusture. Not sure what the hype is about.

I've been tuning in every now and then to watch Kripp stream it for awhile now. I've always felt that way. It just looks dull. Everything about it looks dulls.

Really uninspired looking. Just looks like a copy/paste job. It honestly reminds me of when the MMO's started coming out post WoW and how they all felt like poor copy jobs.

The hype reads almost the exact same way.

I'm not saying the game will fail, or that it's downright awful; I'm just saying that the hype will die down, and it doesn't look particularly inspired. Looks plain.
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wow you payed for beta thats very strange how does that work, help us test our game oh btw pay us to do so.
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01/23/2013 12:27 PMPosted by Jortun
lol its open beta. Why would you pay the 10 dollars to get in? lol

LOL yes no kidding, I just gave it a few hours tour and it is interesting and free, one thing people should think about is -hoping a game fails is hoping WE have less choices, hell I like to jump from game to game when bugged
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For what it is I think they did an amazing job. Its been said, but D3 graphics/physics/gameplay + PoE systems = gamergasm, IMO.
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Yes, they hooked a lot of people with their skill web. Too bad D3 decided to FOREGO all skill development choice, taking it completely out of the hands of the players.

No choice = authoritarian societies = no fun. It's all about INDIVIDUAL CUSTOMIZATION!

People like various color cars. In Japan, they have a narrow range of colors. In the USA, we have any color we'd like. Choice. Choice = happiness.
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With regard to PoE's skill web:

Choice is a Good Thing.

People like choice.

We don't want to live in the gaming world equivalent of that Wendy's commerical (depicting the Soviet Union): "Evening wear...verrrry nice." When alll the attire is the same: day, evening, beach.

Blizzard should turn on a dime, and quickly: there are competitors angling for their market share, and I would argue even that isn't really as important as Blizzard defending its own TRADE NAME and REPUTATION. It invented the franchise. It is the Gold Standard, and D1 and D2 are theirs.

Return back to your grim gothic roots, Blizzard!

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01/24/2013 04:47 PMPosted by RexHavoc

Hey I like Whimseyshire. :P
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