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WD AR/Armor/HP Balance?

ofgortens is correct. I got BT pants and LoH on my ring because certain RD packs still hurt A LOT, even with high ehp and LS. However, if you have played PTR, you know that RD has been nerfed into a little puppy dog affix like shielding was, and I will probably swap my BT pants for a rare with much higher vit, ar, and armor, as well as a ring with more dps, although the ring upgrade will cost a fortune.
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In the WD important threads:

Under other guids is
"Witch Doctor Proc Rate for Each Skill" meaning % of LoH returned by each attack.

You can see bears is 11% and acid rain is insane with 2.4x at the center and then the LoH stacks from multiple acid rains.
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01/25/2013 11:06 AMPosted by Taibok
Also i notice you are using a Uhkapian, is the zombie charger reduc/damage increase really worth it? Because TotD's always have max mana and mana regen, and getting a uhk with int/vit/mana regen/max mana/ZC reduc is either impossible or crazily expensive.

You are right that getting a UkS with int/vit/mana regen/max mana/zc reduction is impossible since that is 3 random rolls and they only get 2. TotD is a great mojo and I ran with one for a long time and had no complaints. But running a higher attack speed warranted more items for mana sustain which is why i opted for a mana regen zuni helm as well as a mana regen / zc reduction mojo. Giving up the 20 PUR from TotD was rough to start but I got some PUR off my witching hour so it wasn't unbearable. Since I really no longer run low MP levels... I dont use GI/GF much unless i'm doing a run with a 0 dog user.

Max mana is nice to have off the TotD... but really didn't benefit me as much since I was not running SA. Most of the battles I engage in my mana is never full or empty so sustaining continuous mana flow was more important which is why BR/VQ/mana regen/zc reduction was most helpful in my gear. The added dmg that UkS gives me was not a bad thing either. The best TotD that I have seen belongs to a buddy of mine ( http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/ImpKing-1585/hero/3330596 ). I have not seen another one like that so I pulled the trigger on my UkS. You really can't go wrong with any mojo (SoS, UkS, TotD) as long as you get good rolls.

Considering I run an attack speed of 1.84... my -11 zombie charger reduction is basically like having another 20 mana regen on always.
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I used to use the bears dmg / acid rain for life. I still have 1 loh item left over. It really works wonderful, I have a 477 loh zuni ring I keep for certain times, an acid cloud with that and my poor unity really is tremendous life on big models or big packs.

As for the person who said you don't need LS.... I'm sorry I just don't believe you. You need LS until you are really abusing dogs.

If you are using bears you need life steal. If you are not using bears, then the highest mp you are 'comfortably' farming is whatever you claim to be on the forums. Only exception is zombie dog 0s build.
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