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So bought Diablo 3 and played through normal the first couple of days. Average play because i'm a heavy SC2 player. But as time passed, I started to like Diablo 3 more and more. (Don't booooo me ;) ).

However, i've been looking through many threads and people's profiles just to see where and how they prepare things for MP10 etc.....

I was wondering, if someone could have a look at my profile of my monk and give some adjusments? On my build? What's a good build nowadays? What options do i have?

I have Skorn as weapon, however, i see many monks using 2x 1handers.

I am behind in knowledge. Maybe a small boost from someone who can point me in a better direction? Cause now i'm looking North East West & South!

Could someone also tell me what MP is suitable for my gear i'm having atm?

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I think generally when using skorn most monks are doing the TR build
on lower monster power. It's for a really fast clear time and because the
sustain isn't as strong when dual wielding it's not as good on higher mp.

Typical TR build generally has these skills.


The idea is you run around really fast one hitting monsters.
picking up gold and loot plus lots of experience.
Again the build relies on the fact that monsters are a lot easier on low mp.
It wouldn't be the greatest build unless you got lots of good gear for mp10.

The other build that's really popular is a cyclone build.
Most dual wielding monks use this cyclone build imo.


With this build you want a good amount of life steal and life on hit.
You can put out a ton of sustain damage and with enough life on hit you can really tank.

My suggestion is to take a look at some gear builds in the rate my build thread
to get a feel for what gear choices exist.
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Looks good to me.
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to elaborate on the tempest rush build - i've found most monks use deadly reach: foresight for the 18% damage buff. Missing skill is blinding flash: faith in the light. Use both of these prior to casting sweeping wind to get max damage, rebuffing each time before casting sweeping winds. Also, can drop exalted soul for one with everything if you're having survivability. Blinding flash will probably make way for something else in the next patch, but for now its there. This is mainly for fast mp0 farming.

Also to make this build work really take off you'll need some more spirit regen so you can infinitely TR, can get this on either a stone of jordan or an inna's helm, look for 2+ spirit regen on each.
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I'd replace your amulet with something that had at least 7+ crit hit chance on it. I'd also replace your bracers with something with 4.5+ crit as well. You aren't really getting much benefit off your Lacuni's since you already have 24% move from your pants and boots.

I'd upgrade your pants over time as well so that it either has VIT or a resist in it. The damage on hit isn't doing you any favors.

As for what you can handle, using the tempest rush build, you should do fine on MP0. If you go more cookie cutter, you can probably bump yourself up to at least 3, but you're going to want to get some LS (Life Steal) or LoH (Life on Hit) to compensate for the higher difficulties...

Actually you could use a LOT more resists in general as well. You can start inserting them in places like your pants, bracers, and head. Strongarm bracers are hardly best, but you can get a cheap pair of them with a resist for less than 10k gold.
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I do mp10 with no problems... just check my itens and skills, maybe could help you.
I'm not a fast killer, but i do a whole run MP10 with no deaths and no stress.
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