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Auction House took my 50 million gold

Why are you complaining here instead of submitting a support ticket with Bliz?
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01/25/2013 08:33 AMPosted by Coleslaw
Technically it's Blizzard's gold, not yours.

This is so stupid. Please never comment on the forums again.
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For those who might care...

I just got home from work and checked the auction house. I apparently won the item I had bid on (the one that said my bid wasn't processed due to server load), and the item is now in my stash.

All in all everything worked out. Just a small moment of panic for me there watching 50 million gold disappear.
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won an auction today, i was the only person to bid on it. But when the auction ended...it went to expired and I got neither the item or the gold back.
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this issue has existed for a long time since I lost 30M last august for putting too high of a max bid and not getting any change sent back.

The moral of the story is never bid exorbitant amount for an item expecting to win the item and not getting charged your whole maximum bid.

Were you the only one to bid on the item?

In my experience if youvare the only person to make a bid on a item, it will take the full amount of you bid

Example, item listed at 5 mil gold, you bid and bid 30 mil, no one else bids on item, ah takes the full amount you bid.

If min bid is 5 mil and you see someone bid already, you bid 30 mil gold, you won the item for 6.5 mil gold. You get the difference n your completed tab along with item.

Why it works like that, i have bo clue, but it does
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same happened to me lost 22m yay lets see what happens
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