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emeralds wtf so expensive. gear or gems?

Been working on getting radiant stars since the beginning of the game (day 1). The AH is killing me right now. 12k a flawless square is crazy. My real conflict is I could get almost 100,000,000 gold for my gems and buy better gear. Then I would have to start the gem process over again. The thought has crossed my mind a few times. Sell all my equipped gems and regear for some pretty decent items. I don't use the rmah because I think it defeats the purpose of the game. It would ruin it for me imo. Give me no reason to grind. Thoughts on this anyone? Has anyone done this and not regretted it by chance?
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you know? i'm on the same boat as you, I'm thinking with the budget I have right now I could get up to 40% more crit dmg on my weapons , not too sure if I could achieve the same damage increase by investing on pieces of gear instead.
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if u have enough gems to make a star than im a big advocate of selling off perfect stars, and radiants if u dont need the radiants for weapons
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I'll say for weapons its always a good idea to get min. 100% Critical Damage emerald and for armor a Perfect Star is ok.

No offence but your gear is on the low-end so I'll stop thinking too much about high-end Gems but put more gold to upgrade your gear instead. Sell your high end gems except the one on your weapon and then buy new gear :)
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gems will eventually peak in price and come down to about 23 million again once all the excitement of the new patch has passed. sell 'em now while they're high, buy back later when they're cheaper
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The answer is almost always going to be gear.

In weapons, going from 90->100 CD is what, 3k damage at most? And yet, the cost is 16+ million? Guarantee you can get bette rupgrade for your gear.

And then when you look at sockets in gear its even worse.
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I know this is an old thread but I wonder how much the new gems will be..It takes 3 Radiant Stars + 20 mil just to make one....each Radiant Star is like 50 mil last time i check so thats like 170 mil for one gem.

The emerald does give 110% to CD though. Even with a dual weapon Monk i dont think it would be worth it to drop 170 on a gem just to give me an extra 10%
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I haven't seen the 100% emerald that high at least since they changed inferno to only drop flawless square. I think they topped out at about 32m or so with everyone trying to buy up enough in preparation for 1.0.7. They were back down to a more usual 26m to 28m last I checked. I think a lot of people have already bought their upgrade gems (at least for their main characters), so we may see prices coming back down, even.

At one point, rubies were in this weird state where the big ones were less expensive than emeralds, but the small rubies were much more expensive than emeralds. I have no idea what, if anything, to actually make from that.

Anyway, it actually takes a long time before upgrading you gems is the most efficient way to spend your money at any level. And if you think the 100m you need to spend to get to get 10% more CD is a ton, imagine how far along you have to be before spending 100m to get +4 Dex is a good idea.
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I just wana see what my little HC toon goes up to with two flawless squares in his weapons.
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