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This is probably going to be a long read but please do try

First off I have absolutely no problem with the game as it currently is, I find it extremely fun to play. I do enjoy the aspect of finding my own gear and on ocassion using farmed gold to buy something at the GAH. That being said, I'd really like to be able to in the process of farming for better loot or gold to have something else to strive for. I really liked the demonic essences introduced in 1.07 and the new recipes, and I think they're a great first step to help fix and improve the crafting system, as for a end level character it is very little to no help at all. For this thing to benefit the player all essences should be BOA and once an item is upgraded for the first time it becomes BOA so it's not used by bots and it rewards you for playing the game not AH flipping. My proposed solution is:

1. When salvaging ilvl63 items make it so that there's a 20% oportunity of getting 1 essence of one of the affixes of the items.

2. Give the blacksmith a new tab which allows to place an existing rare item and essences of attributes to boost it's current value by 1 point. Yes I did say one point because I don't want to be a one time upgrade BIS item but rather something that with fighting and getting essences makes your armor like you a legendary hero. Every tier of upgrading your item will start to cost more and more, but instead of having to look for a credit card or spend 2bil on a item for someone else, you can if you want to put the time and the money make your own BIS rares ( with the exception of legendary and set items which should not be upgradable).

3. Let's say i got a belt with 100 STR 50 All Resist 25 VIT 8% life, +250 Armor and 5 Pickup Radius

Off the bat because of such a low VIT score the item would by most considered subpar. But with this system in place we could with a lot of time and a investment make it BIS. Say you farm for a while and get 5 VIT essences. Then you would go to the blacksmith and since the tier for 25 vit is very low it would cost say 15,000 and 5 essences to boost 1 point.
Once you get to 50 VIT the price would rise to let's say 50,000 and 10 essences Then at 75 it would rise again to 150,000 and 25 essences . After 100 it should be 1,000,000 or more and 50 essences because the item is becoming more and more powerful and expensive.

You should have at the blacksmithe the ability that once you place the item to upgrade it, it should show the maximum value that can be obtained per slot. You could keep the item in your stash and slowly make it a 200S TR, 150 VIT, 80 All Resist 12% life, +350 Armor, and 7 pickup radius. Granted it might take you months to get the materials and gold to take it to that level. But you're suddenly felling good about killing hoards of monsters and grabbing all those yellows because they have a purpose other than having random rolls. Now all yellows have the potential to benefit you. Be it because it has all the 6 affixes you want no matter how low or because it was only 3 affixes but you have a 20% chance of getting a essence off one of those 3 attributes.

I believe that with this feature implemented while we grind and fight for loot and gold we can actually get a nice progression between the mp dificulties as little by little we upgrade our items. I see no downside to this as if you find a good item it wouls still sell on the AH as this items would not be flooding the market.

Hope you like the idea, please discuss, I will ignore trolling.

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Well actually....

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@ Klaw

Like I said in my post I really do think 1.07 crafting is a very good step but it's still all RNG. My proposed idea is a way to gradually while playing the game, be able to boost an item so you can progress thru all the mp dificulties as you upgrade your existing gear. To be able to do mp10 for a casual will still take months or years depending on their log on schedule but it's attainable to everyone willing to put the time and horde slaying! And I saw that post earlier and only had one thought : that is one damn FINE amulet!
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And I like that idea very much. But it looks like they're just going to allow us to craft competitive gear anyway.
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