Diablo® III

Mana regen knife or slow 1h weapon?

A mana regen knife with 1.4 attack speed
A mace/spear with 1.2 attack speed?

It is hard to get a good mana regen knife.
Do mace/spear work close as they attack slower thus drain mana slower?
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i am a fan of spears myself for the bigger one hit dammage and seeing that your not quite at 0 cooldown for pile on yet it may benifit you more with a slower weapon. no point in attacking faster for less when your damage dealer (pile on) is still on cooldown.
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my pile on has no cooldown
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my bad, didn't notice the first time. i still think the spear would fit my playstyle better but i'm not to sure about the cast time so if you can mess arroud with a cheap version of each to see witch one feels more comfortable.
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I've used pile on and I think the best is a 1.2 APS spear or mace because of the higher average damage (especially minimum damage)

I have the zuni set, a zuni helm with mana regen, and a string of skulls.
I used VQ+BR to be able to cast it infinitely.
I am considering switching to zuni helm with CC, but without that mana regen sometimes I can go OOM with frenzy and/or BBV just casting pile on. Maybe that's not a big deal, I can switch to acid rain/RoT for a few seconds.

Also the problem with 1-handers if the life steal just isn't enough for pile on. Super dangerous if you don't see reflects damage in time.

I have to alternate rain of toads and acid rain instead, and sometimes I might get off a pile on. Tricky though, have to cast about 5 pile ons, switch to RoT/acid rain, and then cast spirit walk after the first or second pile on hits.

p.s. WOOOOOOOOOOOAH! *crash*
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