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What does it take to tank Sk's walk?

I can do Ubers with SNS on MP8. On MP9 I go for NS (Crystal Shell) and do pretty well. But MP10 I go for EA/FA. Even without force armor I seem to remember being able to take a hit (maybe 2?) from Mag's bees/flies/bugs/whatever now. That's not really the problem.

It's SK's walk. I can take a few steps from him, but need to TP out to survive. BDF just said to tank him.....well, I've tried that. I die. My EHP is 318k (diablo progress) with 4.9K armor and almost 700 Res all and if I'm not careful he'll walk right over me. And that is with Energy Armor/Force armor (mostly for the Mag attacks). Also, at 3.01 with 923 LoH.

Ideas? I'd like to do SNS for MP10 Ubers. I know...I know, my job isn't to do DPS with ubers....just to freeze and stay alive. I guess it gives me something to gear towards....and gives me something to think about other than my next A3 run. Ugh.

More Armor? More All Res? Certain type of Res (physical)?

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For MP9-10, I do it with Crystal Shell and 40k HP/5k Armor/750AR (970 Physical Resist)/2.76APS/55cc/700LoH.
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It takes a tele with safe passage when he started walking. :)
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How bout this... dont tank it. You cant cc him when he is moving, so get out of the way, let him walk, then go back to freezing. I personally think its the cc mitigation of SK that makes that fight fun and interesting.
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When I tank it, I'm running full SNS (shocking aspect, diamond shards ect) and have just over 500k ehp @ 37.5k hp with about 1300 LoH at either the 2.73 or 3.0001 BP. Each swing takes out a little over half my life, but it doesn't normally kill me unless I get beamed, butterflied, and knocked out of the park all at the same time.

But the only time he casts it is if the two aren't stacked properly and if I'm running bone chill instead of cold snap.

Cold snap with 2 targets in your twisters should be a true permafreeze anyway.
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With DS:Crystal Shell and EA:Prismatic Armor. Even with my stats I can tank his walk at MP10 just fine, provided I have a full wind up on SK.

That is with the absent of both Barb's WarCry and Monk's Resolve. With those two, tanking it is even easier.

Stats (with Primatic Armor) are:
HP = 38k
AR = 718
Armor = 7114
LoH = 1266
APS = 2.81
ChC = 62.5%
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500+k ehp and dont flinch running will screw u
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DS:Crystal Shell is all I need. With warcry it gets even easier. My stats aren't much of a stretch from yours so you prob just need to get around 350k EHP while maintaining a good hp:ehp ratio, i.e. not biased towards hp (you might have this already, I'm just lazy to check :P)
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for mp9 i can do sns and tank sks walk, but i also switch out my rare ring for a litany which i think tips the scales in my favor
i think i weigh in at bout 850 ar, 5.2 armor, and 1000loh and 36.3k hp

for mp10 i do shocknado if im the only cm and i can tank it
and sns if theres another cm, i can sometimes tank sks walk but it depends on how fresh my diamond skin is i think
in both cases tho my stats are being boosted by a barbs war cry i think (i usually dont bother asking whichever barb is in my game if hes doing war cry)
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@300k ehp with full sns survive mp10 Sky's walk with a safe passage jump. I normally just jump at the same spot and take a potion to quickly fill up the life pool.
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@aimless....I kept writing a bunch of sarcastic comments. And then deleting them. lol! I'm quite awhile away from 500 EHP. But yea, I get where you're coming from....if you're running then you're not dropping twisters...and you need to get the windeup going again. And that's a pain.

I guess I could go for an ammy like:
9+ CC
70 All Res
+phys res.

Or is that asking too much for an ammy. At a reasonable price.
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Alright, thanks everyone for the specs that you use.

I guess there's a few things that I notice. He'll walk over me even with EA...at which point I'm at 6750 armor. My EHP has to be pretty darned high at that point! And its not enough. I guess I could try prismatic instead of Force armor. My All Resists aren't appreciably behind everybody else's though.

Two things do stand out though:

1) Everyone else does have more HP. And I know that is 29k low. But not that bad. Most people DO have alot more LoH. Mostly because they need it for Reflect packs. But it also has to help recover from his walk.

2) TekkZero's stats are very similar to mine (except I run at 3.01/900+ LoH). The big difference is physical resists. At 970 is might allow better protection to his walk if its considered "physical".
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....you can tank his walk with at MP10?

If so, then physical resists might be king there.

sorry, pun actually unintended.
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Don't invest in phy resists, waste of stat tbh.

Stack a few mods of reduced elite damage. Litany ring is good for that encounter, and you can get another +7% reduction on your chest slot. Counting chan's bonus thats 21%.

Blackthorn spurs is another source of 7% reduction but I prefer Iceclimbers for outright HP or nats for dps, dodge and melee reduction.
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I alway run it as SNS. So my strat is to turn off all damages so it doesnt flash up on my screen. Then all I do is SNS as normal and as soon as I see "IMMUNE" I walk over to Magda and start beating on Magda. When he's finished his walk he will Teloport over to you and Magda - simple.
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i look out for the immune message, but aph u let mag spam her bees?
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01/23/2013 01:55 PMPosted by Aphraell
I alway run it as SNS. So my strat is to turn off all damages so it doesnt flash up on my screen. Then all I do is SNS as normal and as soon as I see "IMMUNE" I walk over to Magda and start beating on Magda. When he's finished his walk he will Teloport over to you and Magda - simple.

That's a pretty clever idea. Last time I tried the fight, I just watched SK for when he stood up, leaned back and roared while I was trying to freeze him. That seems a lot easier.
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01/23/2013 02:02 PMPosted by SteelPhantom
i look out for the immune message, but aph u let mag spam her bees?

Of course, only 1 should be hitting you at a time. And if your dying to 1 bee whist in full SNS spam, you shouldn't be in there.
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you get knocked back when he does the walk and you're in the range, just run away since he can't be frozen during his strut. i see no reason to tank this. even barbs/monks die with this
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@Piehole: Yes, I can tank Leoric with Crystal Shell. I can do it even with less HP than 40k, but then I'm at mercy whether there are bugs or Arcane Sentry.
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