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Permanent banned by game glitch/bug?

My cousin got banned by blizzard in-game staff, why? No clue, they just suspected him using third party software/hack/bot.

This is what it looks like when he encounter elite packs with vortex/knock back affixes
Look closely on his latency bar.

It may look like he is pushed outside of the game map but in my view while playing with him when he is lagging he is not. Ghost hack?

Same as when his character switch places, for example he is experiencing rubber band lag, I may thought he just suddenly stop but all of a sudden disappear and switched to another location. Why? Because he keeps on walking/vaulting(DH) even when he is lagging. Do they even know rubber band lag is switching character back to previous location and that its another way around to look his view and other players view. Teleport Hack?

Last, he is always online playing and grinding. When he is about 500k exp away from level 100, then he gets banned. Why? Maybe he became human bot that blizzard suspect him as bot user. Bot?

Does anyone knows what "thorough" investigation Blizzard Support Team mean or done?

This is a very unfair decision from blizzard team so if any of you know what, how or why would blizzard do this please comment.
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Your cousin can appeal using the link he was given in the email. However, Blizzard keeps VERY detailed logs and if they determined he violated the TOU then they will not overturn the ban. It is worth a try if he thinks this is a false positive though.

Also.....people are not always as truthful as you want them to be :/ Keep that in mind as you defend your cousin.
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I am friends with the guy who got banned. He appealed and they won't give him back his account. I play with him a lot and I am sure he's not capable of doing such things.

I think what happened was Blizzard thought he was doing speed hacks because his character keeps jumping around the game into walls etc which was caused mainly by his poor connection.

To other players out there with poor connection, don't play while it's not stable. Make sure your network bar is green or yellow.. Your account might have the same fate that he had.

Sucks to be him right now. All those sleepless nights of grinding. haha.

Too bad for this http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Korn-1518/hero/24025044.
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They have very very detailed logs....and know the difference between a poor connection and lag (I have those issues too!) and third party programs.

Edit - Also nothing anyone says on the forums will affect his case. ONLY Account Admin handles these cases and they can only be reached by ticket. If he has already used up all his appeals then the decision is final.
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