While I was playing around with Sacrifice, Zombie Dogs, and Circle of Life I noticed that regardless what kind of dogs I used or if I soley used Circle of Life the result was the same. Sacrifice has the potential from some really cool synergy that it never takes advantage of especially since you have to use another skill or passive to even use it. What if Sacrifice's explosion was altered by the type of Zombie Dog being Sacrificed. Example below

    Sacrifice + Zombie Dogs
  • Rabid Dogs - leave behind a poison cloud
  • Final Gift - expand explosion radius
  • Life Link - leave behind aura that provides reduction in damage
  • Burning Dogs - ignites enemies in blast radius for DOT
  • Leeching Beasts - heal allies/pets in blast radius

This could lead to some interesting use of Zombie Dog + Sacrifice combos and synergize the skills together in a unique way that no other class does.

Sidenote: Also I think it would be cool if I could blow up my Fetish Sychophants...

Speaking of which, I've noticed and read that the lack of synergy between Fetish Sychophants and Fetish Army is counterproductive currently. When I cast my Fetish Army I watch as all my Fetish Sychophants fall dead to the ground. Add in a very short duration and a very long cooldown and Fetish Army is already not as appealing as other skills. This got me to thinking if maybe there was a way to really accentuate how these skills work together. Example below

First lets work on the duration. 20 seconds for a 90/120 sec cooldown is a lot of downtime between casts. My first proposal is, when Army Fetish is cast the base duration of 20 sec is increase by 1 or 2 seconds for every Fetish Sychophant sacrificed, giving us a small bonus for using both abilitys. My second proposal, similarly to the one above is that based on your ruin for Fetish Army your Fetish Sychophants will behave slightly different.

    Fetish Sychophants + Fetish Army
  • Fetish Ambush - increase Fetish Sychophants damage to 25%
  • Devoted Following - increase Fetish Army duration by 2 or 3 seconds for each Fetish Sychopant sacrificed
  • Legion of Daggers - increase summoning chance to 6%
  • Tiki Torchers - 1% chance to summon Tiki Torcher
  • Head Hunters - 1% chance to summon Head Hunter

This would really justify the use of this build and give us some really cool synergy between skills/passives

What do you think?