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Like a thief in the night...

So... I haven't changed any equipment in a while but when I was just looking at my player stats I noticed some significant reductions. I used to have 2800+ dex, 385% CD, and 465 resist all in my gear bonuses, yet now they are reading as 2600+ dex, 335% CD, and 415 RA. :-\
To be honest, my character kinda sucks compared to most DH's (I still need to use SS), but I was at least able to play MP3 without dying. Well, without dying much that is. The past few nights I couldn't get past an elite pack without one death, sometimes two.
So, I come to the forums to rethink some equipment and noticed I was about 200 dex, 50% CD, and 50 AR lower than normal.

Everything seems to still have the same stats on all items, but honestly it's been so long since I've looked at them that I can't remember. I don't think it's a selling items to the merchants and misfiring on a button selling my own gear since I do all merch selling with the buy-back tab on just to prevent that; got burned once before and learned my lesson.
Anyone else notice anything similar?
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- 5% cc and 50% cd (innate) deosnt show up on profile here.

and whatever boost u had on AR from perfectionist..

you still have 2900+ dext stop looking at the +2600 it shows u get from ur gear.

lay off the stupid pills
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tehehe.. that made me laugh!!
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hooligan just got served
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seemed like a legit question, dont think he deserved getting reamed..

just saying :)
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Yeah.. I'm talking about the little section in the bottom left corner of the page, just under the illustration of the character, when you're looking at your character gear. It says, "GEAR BONUSES". The question wasn't about the total stats, but the stats obtained through equipment.

As I've changed no gear or skills (or runes or passives) in a few months, there should be no changes to gear bonuses.

Correction: I did make one change. I upgraded the emerald in my bow from 70% CD to 90% CD, so again I should have even more CD than I'm seeing.
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