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Rend and Run Barb

Last night i've been theory crafting a build against Rend and Run barbs. I've seem to have moderate to good success with it. Granted my gear isn't set up to do this indefinitely nor did i face particularly GREAT barbs. But as a proof of concept it seems to have some promise.


The idea is playing keep away with the barb and peck at him with HoY until serenity cooldown is up. Engage him on a fresh serenity... and make sure you pop it (timing is everything here) before he rends. If it's done before the rend, watch him eat his own pain. If it's popped after he rends... it doesn't seem to do anything. I got this idea when i was playing around with my DH against Draco and he made me eat my own impale a couple of times.

Anyways, if anyone is more geared towards this set up and would like to test or would like to offer optimization ideas ... it's appreciated.

*edit* For better or worse, i used a skorn with this.
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If you play keep away the the rend barb, will using STI instead of NDE in the build synergize more with KEEN EYE? (i.e., you will have more armor boosted).

Also, i find pacifism only reduced damage when you are stunned. But a lot of the rend deals damage after you're stunned. In this case, I find myself move away from taking pacifism vs. run and rend barbs.

So in your build, would fleet footed work? Or if you used skorn, you can consider taking chant, guardian spirit, (STI or NDE). Free up to use mantra of conviction.
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I use NDE for kind of a oh !@#$... i messed up situation. I use deadly reach mostly to peck at them even further at a distance. The added armor is just bonus.

I keep pacifism because a barb's typical sequence is stun then rend then run. Depending on the timing of the rend and me hitting serenity, he may get it off faster than i do. In which case both the serenity and pacifism helps mitigate some of that damage.

Those are my reasonings anyways..
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Did Scrapz finish his dueling? Have not heard any updates from him in a few days. Not since be dueled Acrimony.
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RL kicked in, been scouting locations for the last 2 days. The opening of my own business finally became official. Any E-Cig users/vaporizers here?

I'd probably lose to acrimony with the latest changes and his new gear set. I need a new gear set and I just don't have the time to look for new ones. That's why I got dracolich and puddinghead fighting our battles for us.
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try rocking a skorn and hitting him with exploding palm. i find it to be a must in killing barbs and DH's.
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I hear you Scrapz, I have a bit much going on IRL to take the time to duel on the PTR. It's unfortunately not much fun after a while and I'd rather level up my HC monk. You'll need to jump ship to HC one of these days, Draco is playing and so is JRDIIORIO. Gelu has been on, but he is incredibly slow in leveling up his monk.

In any case, congrats on the business and I hope everything is going well.
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