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So I tried POE a long time ago but they kept clearing out our skill tree. Now they have an act 3 and more events. So I am starting over.

No I am not leaving D3 I love it but to be honest getting very bored with it. I've made almost 30 hell fire rings so ubers I'm done with. Been paragon leveling my monk at 70, but I've done act 3 runs to the point my eyes bleed. Yes I can paragon level all 5 classes but what's the point. The AH is dead because everyone can farm godly items now.

PTR dueling is kinda a cool pretty much expected it to be what it is. No damage mitigation so a lot of one shots duels(that's not fun). If you ask for a straight up fight meaning no big DPS moves like 7 sider, wave of light, exploding palm, HOTA, rend, quake, etc. Ranges are OP but we knew that. I prefer straight up melee fights those are fun if it last more than 5 seconds you have a good duel on your hands. New BOA item which seem to be crap except for ammys. New gems which no one but the rich can afford(again BOA).
Yes the xp bonus to MPs will be nice as well as pub games with MP.
We need a PVP lobby so you can join public pvp games, instead of trolling for duels. 2vs2 would be nice as well I do monks vs barb duels all the time and they are a lot of fun. Dueling is pretty much based on vit if you have a ton of it you'll do fine(like 100k vit). Monks are getting nefed but on paper we are supposed to be getting buffs. We are at least near the top on PVP with all our dodge and healing skills. There is no reward for PVP no kill counter, nothing..

What I don't understand is GW2 is constantly adding new content and events and it is not a pay per month MMO, why can't Blizzard give us some new content? Yes ubers were great but now it's boring. I have 3 machines and I have had them for weeks no one is even asking to do ubers anymore.
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Thanks for the update
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