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So who is excited about the "Ask the Devs" Topic?

i have not played the PTR and i am sorry if the question has already been asked, but is there a way that you could actually watch a Duel between players without having to be involved in the arena?

I thought this was good fun in D2, as you could sit at the bridge and watch some epic battles and then join in as you please. Is the only way to actually watch a duel to be involved in it?

I have a few friends on D3 an as it doesnt really seem to be anything in regards to Team Duels which im pretty dissapointed in, i still think you should be able to watch without participating.

Like if there was 4 people in the game, and you just wanted to see 2 of them go at it, is it possible to watch?

Sorry again if this question has already been answered.
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01/24/2013 07:02 PMPosted by TopStock
watch a Duel between players without having to be involved in the arena?

yeah... go in, die, use the move button and scroll around

You can scroll around while your dead?

didnt know that. though ive probably never had any reason to try.
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I would ask "why is the main point of this next patch concerning a gem that is only an option for the top 1% when loot itemization is a walking abortion 9 months after release?"

Serious question. Because that is a massive f!@#ing breakdown in game design.

More often than not they will rabble back and forth about how they wanted to create more useful gems beside the emerald...even though this patch will make a difference to only the ruby...Topaz is just as useless as it ever was and the amethyst is just as much of a joke. Gems are just slightly more balanced than they once were.

Final question: So when are you planning on totally removing the element of fun?
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I would like to know why something like collecting ears from your wins / kills, a staple of Diablo, was not included. It has no value and would not have any impact on the 'numbers' of the game and would be yet another step to reconnecting D3 to the franchise.

Ears. That's it. Where are the ears?
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We "Asked the Devs" at Blizzcon if they beat inferno, and they said they beat it on Self-found and before inferno was nerfed... Which is a complete Lie, what is to say they won't LIE again? How about an apology?
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I think we should ask/thumbs up the itemization issue even if it's not directly relevant to 1.07, it is the most fundamental issue with the game.
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Why is the option to appear offline in Bnet still not available in patch 1.07?
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Explaining our design goals for certain features and stating that one of those goals happens to be "make it fun" -- or even saying something as bold as "we think this new system is pretty fun" -- is not same thing as us defining what the word "fun" means to you.

We know that the definition of "fun" varies from player to player, and we're certainly not trying to suggest that our definition is better than anyone else's. What we are trying to do is create an enjoyable game. Different players have different play styles, though, so there may be times when we think something is fun that you do not. And while may not always see eye-to-eye on the fun/not fun level, more often than not we're willing to make changes and work with the community so that what we find fun is also what you find fun.

But your team has constantly through the months and patches explained off nerfs as "it just doesn't seem fun to us." See: your justification for nerfing treasure chests and smashable pots.. or nerfing magic find with your hard cap "we didn't think it was a fun system" etc. It's not about Blizzard saying something is fun. It's about saying something isn't fun, and then nerfing it for that reason. Of course you'll never reply to this so I'll go back to making smash-hit 26-page threads of detailed discussion by the community.
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Can we ask why certain things AREN'T in the patch notes? Like ID All & Item Lock?
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Why dont we do this? Wait for the new Director who knows the in and out of the Diablo series and what made it where it is, a exceptional game from feedback from players but ultimately the Director of the game makes a comminment to which the game direction is. Now when i say the Dorector must know the mechanic of the originil 2 ganes and says to his team dev, okay guys We will go beyond what was the 2 games created but not deviated away from the foundation. lets make it in conjucntion of the original and not the opposite. And yes alot of hardcore players of the original will want the original mechanics but he will step his foot down and created a game unparralel in their imagination . He will say to them this is my vision of the Diablo 3, the fans will love the mechanics for it is I the Director the one who have played D1, D2 lod for many years, and yes Daid B is my idol. and yes I have come personally talked to him and yes he has given ideas of ore of Diablo universe.
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01/24/2013 08:23 PMPosted by Andy
what are you people, a buncha 12yo girls?

Explain Andy
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Lylirra, Here's a legitmate quetions,

Since this is a online game only, is there any hint of developing a way for the player's to be in a chat room that we can see our majestic hero's, wouldnt it be nice to see all the wonder of the graphics design of this game why not show the graphics in its glory?
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I'm super excited! I always find it refreshing when developers take the time to correspond with their patrons. I think more and more gaming companies have realized that staying in touch with your fan base/community is very important (See Gearbox Software).

I am confident with a community as passionate as this some awesome questions are going to come out.

My question: Many conversations have happened in regards to new legendary gear, drop rates of existing gear, and the continued revamping of old gear. What are the devs goals concerning making Diablo 3 the most rewarding experience for both the player and the Auction House?

What kind of questions are you guys/gals looking to ask?

No trolls please...although that might be too much to ask. :D

You are right OP! Here is my Gearbox experience and I wish Blizzard was around where I live as I would try to visit their office as well......

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