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So who is excited about the "Ask the Devs" Topic?

I'm not a big fan of the way dueling is being implemented in 1.0.7. Are there any plans for a reward system in the future? " or "I loved ladders in D2 and feel like they'd be a great addition to D3. Would you consider adding a similar system in D3, potentially in the form of D2-style ladders?" (Though, admittedly, the latter question isn't great for the first round of questions since it's not really related to 1.0.7.)

Hints that they are implementing these...
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Really good move. I hope it works.
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I'm happy the CMs took our feedback to have a more direct line of communication with the devs and made it happen. Good job CMs!

One question about the format: Rules say 1 question per post, but say nothing about multiple posts per user. So does this mean we can ask multiple questions as long as they are all in separate posts?
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I am just waiting for the next topic my biggest question is this

When will monks get more passives? Right now they have the least amount of passives in the game compared to other classes.
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They're taking questions... not opening a thread for suggestions and debate and its limited to 1.07 basically. They'll do what blues do probably, answer questions that they like or that don't pertain to the actual changes we are dying for...

Ask about the things we want from D2 such as more gems, act traveling in the same game, a better social chat system etc and you'll get a smile and a someday over the rainbow remark or ignored.

But, sure, better to have the thread than not.
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Fun: "Differing from the ordinary in a suspicious, perplexing, quaint, or eccentric way"
I use this definition because it is in the old/original definitions that we find a words true meaning.

So fun is essentially, something weird, something different viewed in a positive manner. The honest truth is you guys haven't done any weird.... It's ordinary...

When the Uber fights came out in D2, they were weird, strange, but very fun. Now we have more Ubers(I don't like how you did them) that don't even have minions on the way to them... keys drop rates blow, considering it takes 5 stacks to get to them.

Honestly its too predictable, just like the fact that you brought up ladders. Do not implement them, please. Ladders where fun at 1st, until your character became non-ladder and pointless to keep. No one wants to play any video game as if it were a job(unless that actually is there job). Then there's that moment when you realized all the best items were on ladder(extra stupid, one of the d2 crews biggest mistakes, this made me leave d2 for good)

Give us something new, or ask me: soon. I have a million idea's that would improve the item diversity, the diversity of the gameplay, etc. But this point though, as I have offered my services for free in the past. I would only offer my knowledge after a contract was signed and my fee schedule was approved. As it is I would rather save what I've learned from your mistakes, and good ideas, and make my own ARPG, as many now have.

But I'll give you a tidbit, the uber fights:

The whole just fighting boss/spawns isn't rewarding enough. After spending all that time getting my machine I feel horribly ripped off. Add some dungeon space in there to work up to them(yes just like d2). Also, more events, but uber events, very rare events that spawn in the place of any event/area of a given act. But these don't spawn only spawn Uber bosses. They spawn Uber packs of improved white(Giant Improved Packs of white mobs), or Uber Elite pack itself(certain packs types only evidently always the most dangerous monster types), Uber champion packs, even Uber Unique's. Now I'm not saying I don't want to see a Uber Diablo fight. I do. I just think it should be done differently. The only Uber fight I would redo is Clone Diablo(Diablo Walks the Earth). But you've got some great minds I'm sure you could make this even funner

Now I want to add 2 things in, Legendary Packs(still elite, 1/1000 will have a legendary affix, a 5th affix)
This legendary affix will give a 50% chance to drop a certain legendary(Legendaries will have tiers linked to these affixs) with 5 stacks. (this is an inferno only quality, pushing in more endgame content while adding afew new and dangerous attributes)

Now we have even higher risk situations that are very random that can't be farmed easily with a good chance at a reward. (You could test bots on your own servers and make these legendary affixes that defeat their mechanics)
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01/24/2013 09:15 PMPosted by Polaris
Rules say 1 question per post, but say nothing about multiple posts per user. So does this mean we can ask multiple questions as long as they are all in separate posts?

This is correct. While it might be a futile request, even with the ability to submit more than one post, we encourage players not to spam the thread, but instead contribute thoughtful questions which they feel the community would like to have answered.
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This is a really nice step towards maintaining an open and ongoing dialogue with the community. I'm excited.
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I feel as most people can agree that D3 does not feel like an extension of D2 at all.

Do you guys plan to take features from D2 and implement them into D3? Some things that D2 had that I would like D3 to have include: ladder, skill tree, Chat rooms and clans, 8+ players in a game, Dueling, items that are good for all classes, and my biggest concern is the lack of sinister creatures and darker graphics.

I feel as if the graphics for D3 are very bright and colorful. I would like to see dungeons darker and monsters more eerie. I would also like Cain to stay alive through the 2nd act and a more capturing story line. I know I'm asking for a lot but you're blizzard, you were the creators of the original Diablo series, why stray so far from what everyone loved?
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translating them into English, getting the developers to provide responses, translating those responses back into the other 10 languages we support, organizing everything in a readable layout, and then publishing the information globally at the same time

What languages they are? Is there czech language and if yes, will be slovak language acceptable for czech questions? These languages are so similar.
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What possible questions could there be left? You can now buy potions five at a time!

Sorry for the sarcasm, but if you are even going to pretend to fix issues that make it so frustrating, then how about focusing on real issues, like, maybe, oh I don't know, never finding good items ever?

We have heard enough about " We don't want you to feel the Auction House is necessary to play."

Prove it.
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I'm not excited at all.. they've done other Q&A's before, like the Reddit one.. they are very practiced at giving you the run-around, saying a lot without answering your question, and then being like "oh that's a good idea... but we disagree, so no." Like when people overwhemlingly asked about sandbox mode and they were like "newp."
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01/24/2013 10:32 PMPosted by zobudeny
What languages they are? Is there czech language and if yes, will be slovak language acceptable for czech questions? These languages are so similar.

English - US: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/
English - EU: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/
Spanish - MX: http://us.battle.net/d3/es/
Spanish - EU: http://eu.battle.net/d3/es/
Brazilian Portuguese: http://us.battle.net/d3/pt/
French: http://eu.battle.net/d3/fr/
German: http://eu.battle.net/d3/de/
Italian: http://eu.battle.net/d3/it/
Polish: http://eu.battle.net/d3/pl/
Russian: http://eu.battle.net/d3/ru/
Korean: http://kr.battle.net/d3/ko/
Traditional Chinese - TW: http://tw.battle.net/d3/zh/
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I give props to blizzard for hearing the communities plea. Though the subject may be narrowed to the extent of a patch, rather than future design goals, or implementations that are not currently on the ptr. This is a good chance for everyone to learn more and understand not only a players opinion, but the developmental process in which goes in to making these patches. I'm always looking forward to constructive conversations, it's almost like we are a part of the development team ourselves. So in respect to that, we should address them like we would a co-worker, with respect and maturity.
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But all and all I am excited. But I don't think the public should be able to ask questions, it should be comprised by True Elite Gamers, if you think about it, and gave us notice, we could/would comprise some pretty enlightening questions. By elite gamers I mean people who downed Inferno Butcher day 3 after D3's release. Anyone with mad potential who knows how to utilize it within Dumbie's Guides on Youtube.
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Nothing will be gained from this, It's already apparent to a lot of the posters here that you guys will cherry pick questions and give vague statements that don't give any indication of whats going on.
You should post a list of questions that you know you have no intention of answering.
Just get it out of they way now and save everybody some time.

Questions like Why can't we freely travel between acts to any waypoint in the game?
I suspect the real reason is, Farming would be too efficient resulting in people finding items quicker than they would want us too. But we will never get the real answer.

There has never been any real communication here from anyone with authority. CM's are basically messengers. It took Jay's dismissal from the Diablo 3 team for Rob Pardo to turn up and accept responsibility for the game. I don't want to talk negatively about Rob, but Jay took 9 months of abuse and then left before Rob stood up and took the blame. No one here knows what's going on. Items are trash and you guys know it, but we can't talk about it. I think the Community should have an Honest Q&A session with Rob Pardo he's the one that makes all the final decisions. He is the one that knows the ultimate direction of the game.

It doesn't matter who the "New director" will be because he will just have an honorary title, and no real control, he will have to toe the line like Jay did, and follow orders.

I really hope something good comes out of this discussion session. We really need some clarity.
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The reason we're asking players to focus their questions on a specific topic is that it helps the Q&A run much more smoothly

Excellent idea! Although you should probably get your banning sticks out in preparation if that topic follows suit to what happens in every other thread.

No constructive suggestion/criticism thread can go untouched without people coming in and calling down these people as whiners, complainers, QQ'ers etc..

This happens far too often, and I do agree, topics need to be kept on track and questions/concerns need to rival those of the topic. The few people (and I could list a dozen of them right now) who infiltrate the topics continually and call down others, will more than likely start to bring down the "ask the devs" thread.
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please someone ask them about the possibility of transmog or appearance tab.
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stash space... anyone? anyone at all?
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Is it just me or will it be damn important to be the first to ask a question? If the voting function is used, it will be important to be seen by as many forum users as possible, so you have to get your question on one of the first pages.

Btw, my question will be:
Monk class: Why did you choose to increase the dmg of many of the spirit spenders, instead of balancing spirit regeneration and monk passive skills which many monks feel are the really important issues of the class? Solving these two problems could have helped balancing the spirit spenders as a side effect and would've opened up many more build options.

Hope I'll be able to post it...
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