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Monks missing icons. (CMs: Status on these?)

edited to make it look more like a bug report
Some monk skills are missing corresponding buff icons icons:
Active skill Deadly Reach - foresight rune
Passive skill Combination Strike

Steps to reproduce
- Select high level monk character
- Select the passive skill Combination Strike
- Select the active skill Fist of Thunder with Thunderclap rune (or other)
- Select the active skill Deadly Reach with Foresight rune in a different active skill slot.
- Search enemies.
- Open the items window to see damage (dps) change
- Hit enemies with Fist of Thunder until damage increases by 8% due to combination strike
- Hit enemies quickly with Deadly Reach (hold)
- The following happens:
- Damage increases another 8% due to combination strike
- Damage increases even more after third hit due to Deadly Reach - Foresight
- Buff icons for these 2 skills don't appear in the buff's bar.

The fix for this bug might also involve increasing the minimum amount of buff icons by 2

Priority (opinion)
kind of high in my opinion.

Why high priority?
- Snapshot being fixed will make many monks move away from old build.
- These 2 skills are easier to use without pressure from old snapshot mechanics.
- These 2 skills are a very good alternative to current "cookie cutter" build.
- Currently many monks don't know that combination strike timer refreshes after hitting enemies.
- Using these 2 skills with the equipment window up is unthinkable.
- These 2 skills that took a lot of work to make, may be not used just because a simple icon is missing, throwing away a lot of work.
- Increases build diversity, and some monks might try to stop using One With Everything to use Combination Strike.
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Are you sure you didn't have 5 buffs active when those triggered? There is currently a maximum of 5 buffs shown at any given time.
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01/21/2013 01:41 PMPosted by Amuxix
Are you sure you didn't have 5 buffs active when those triggered? There is currently a maximum of 5 buffs shown at any given time.

Yes, I am sure.
And yes, I'm also very aware of the 5 buffs limitation, which is also very bad for monks too.
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this is definitely something that is needed with these mentioned abilitys and many others like them.
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They haven't had buff icons since day 1.

Kinda of sad really.
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