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I've read it all, seen it all... TPG this, ISP that...

I've played both EU and US servers and tried even with a VPN client. I play on an ADSL2+ TPG link, consistent 12mb down and about 1mb up. I have a router with QOS and placed diablo on the highest priority. I applied the Leatrix Latency fix and also tried to play through wireless and cable without much improvement. My line have no Jitter and I see no drop in quality during the day or night.

At most times when Bliz is good I can play at 260ms lag, but during a 2-3 hour play you can be sure it will jump up to 450ms or higher, depending on how bad or congested their servers are.

At work we have a dark fiber 10mb link with very high quality - we test some serious international websites on this link. Playing on this link is exactly the same as my home link, no improvement in lag.

At most times when playing on 260ms I still feel the game is choppy and with a DH running and shooting still result in rubber-banding.

It is obvious that Bliz will not give us servers and it is guaranteed for Australian Internet "NOT TO" improve either.

I feel the issue is Bliz's to resolve by doing one of three things: (Blizzard, you can add anything else if you feel you have a solution)
1. Have the client do more without connecting back to the Bliz central hub. If they feel they want to give us a free standing client - go for it.
2. Fix your servers to allow more bandwidth, either allow priority for remote countries - so we can play, allowing 250ms consistently. (Not sure we can get it faster than this)
3. Provide us with some kind of resolution, anything...

I challenge Blizzard to surprise me and provide us with their thoughts.
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MMM good luck with that, hopefully patch 108 allows our characters to say lag.
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It' s not Blizzard it's our damn australian crappy internet. Blame TPG not blizzard. I get 200 ping don't know what your on about. But I am starting to notice more and more lag spikes which I think is something to do with routing to US. I tried using 2 different modems, isolation tests changed power points, telephone cord and still the same. So now I have to call Internode and find out whats going on. Hardcore is really unplayable for me now.
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due to the high amount of lag in the past 2 weeks, I have installed a VPN client and I am now playing off an American IP Address (i live in New Zealand). It has made a difference, but the lag is still there.

I'm pretty sure the lag has nothing to do with our internet providers, Starcraft 2 and Warcraft run smooth. It just seems to be a Diablo3 thing. The D3 ticket support team aren't that helpful unfortunately.

I read somewhere that they shut some things down in prep for 1.0.7. launch.

The game has been running smooth for me for months but the past 2 weeks have been border-line unplayable.
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Thanks all for the replies so far.

I do agree that Australian Internet bandwidth to major countries are left to be desirable in the best sense of the word. This cannot be improved by merely mentioning it in a forum. I can only control the few things I can.

TPG might play a part and this is the next thing I want to change, but I don't feel it is 100% the problem at the moment, taking that I get the issues from multiple test locations.

I'm merely asking Bliz to see what else can be done from their end.

I'm very impressed with the client-server combination allowing us to play like we are now, but feel it needs to improve slightly to allow countries like ours a better experience. It is not always us, Bliz can help further.

They are adding Duel and in the future PVP and I'm pretty sure it will become more competitive among players. I'm one of those that wants to compete, but feels it is not possible like it is now.

I also don't know how the PTR works or how the servers are configured. It might be that current numbers of active players are up due to this patch anticipation or even a section of servers allocated to the PTR - I don't know. It seems like this might be the case.

I also don't think Blizzard will respond to this thread either. It would be nice if they do.
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THIS IS NOT AN ISP PROBLEM. Heaps of people are complaining of this lag which either started recently for them, or has been an ongoing issue for some time now. These people come from many different ISP's including internode, tpg, bigpond, iinet etc etc. It surely cant be a problem that is common to all ISP's in australia can it?

I think it is something on Blizzards end, because up until 1 month ago i could play on the US servers fine with a consistent ping of about 230ms, which is easily playable. Now though, i sit at about 260ms and it fluctuates about every 2-3mins to anywhere between 400-1500ms.

This could be a result of increased players coming back to the game in anticipation of pvp or any number of other features to come in 1.07, or it could be something that blizzard has done to their servers recently, or it could be any number of other things.

What we need is someone with a bit more authority than your regular australian poster to alert someone high up in Blizzard(because the PR and CS departments obviously arent willing to) to try and fix this problem either before or in conjuction with the release of 1.07.
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The funny thing is - last night and so far today it has been perfect - running a smooth 225ms latency while having other computers browsing the internet.
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Man, I feel for you if you have lag. I'm based in Auckland NZ, and I consistently get 175-195ms ping.

The only time ping goes up is when flatmates are streaming or downloading something..
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Lag has nothing to do with your connection speed(download speed), it more has to do with routing and packet loss.

TPGs routing is well known to be horrible, but it isn't just TPG people have issues with. Their isn't a lot more blizzard can do when it comes to routing networks and such in Australia(apart from put servers here, god that would be nice).

For every person having lag issues there is a person not having lag issues, just they don't post since they are playing fine, I know people won't like it but if it was completely blizzards fault then everyone would have the issue not just some.

You can try things like lowerping(free trial) but they don't have much effect because of the style of game that D3 is.

Unless we are able to get servers down here or get better routing to the US, we will never have the best gameplay experience, but it can be playable.
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I get 200-220 solid. All day long. I use Internode and have changed my line profile to low latency. My first hop latency (internode.on.net) went from 32ms to 7ms. This is the best measure of your connection to your ISP. From the ISP to the bnet servers, there's little you can do.

I would recommend:

1. Looking to see if you can change your line profile to a gaming/low latency setting
2. Avoid ISPs with high line contention ratios. Generally cheap/unlimited plans will have very high line contention and you'll notice a performance hit in peak usage times.
3. Try pinging your ISP when your ping spikes in-game to see if your local ping is spiking too. I noticed a spike once and my local ping was up around 100ms. Turns out someone was trying to hit my router externally (DOS attack maybe) and it was killing my latency. Closed the port and it was all good.
4. Avoid wireles

There are many factors which affect your latency. Start by testing out the connection between you and your ISP, this is the only thing you have real control over anyway.

Now, I have never played with a sub 200 ping but I can say that 200-220 is pretty darn acceptable.

Good luck and let me know if you need any help with commands to do the aforementioned stuff.
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